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I’m Back…Well Kind Of

Hey there! Welcome to a new month.

I’ve been MIA kind of but for a good reason. I had to have surgery on my left hand and that basically left me unable to do anything with it. Including typing out a blog post. Hence the caption I’m back…well kind of. I’m still unable to do a lot of typing but I just had to check in with one hand…lol

As you know HE CHANGED MY NAME has been released and is doing good. I’m thankful for that. Have you read it yet? You need to, just don’t take my word for it. Check out the reviews and see what others think.

Well since today is supposed to be #TeaserTuesday, let me give you a little sneak into the mind of the heroine of the book. Ayanti Effiong AKA Yanni.

He Changed My Name (11)

Readers are in love with Ayanti and her boo Pastor Mensah. Remember Alex & Fera from AN UNEXPECTED BLESSING ? Well, you will get an update on them and what they have been doing in this book.

With my inability to write, I have been doing a lot and I do mean a lot of reading. I think I need to start One Click Anonymous..LOL.

Read any good books lately? Let me know what you’ve been up to.

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