The Season:Its Essence & Me Featuring Piper Huguley

Wrapping up the series with another wonderful author Piper Huguley. I describe her as the historical romance princess. LOL. I have never been drawn to historical romance until I read her work. Let’s see what the season means to her. Remember share & comment to be entered to win one of Piper’s books.

Unoma & Friends Presents (7)

As I grow older, I have learned to appreciate family at Christmas. What comes to mind for me at the holiday is how Mary and Joseph marveled at the birth of the Baby Jesus. Even in the meekest of circumstances, they came together and enjoyed one another. So the lesson that I take from that long-ago Christmas is how God wants us to come together. So I make plans to enjoy my family as much as possible. After all in the Christmas story, the Wise Men and their presents came later. To me, that means for me that the gift giving is less important than the renewing of familial bonds.

With the loss of both my mother and grandmother over the past few years, I am resolved to make all of my Christmases be about the renewing the bonds of love in a family. There are many, many ways to create family as well. So, I also like to imagine the various ways people are, hopefully, enjoying one another’s company over the holiday. One of the most touching commercials I’ve seen this year is the one with the young boy who invites the elderly neighbor over to Christmas dinner. That little boy knew the true spirit of the holiday. I hope other people reach out and invite people into their lives. The bonds of connection matter a great deal and I think it may be one of the reason I write romance. Romance is the genre that is all about the creation off a family unit.

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This marks the end of the series.I hope you have enjoyed meeting those I consider friends & sisters.

Be Blessed


14 thoughts on “The Season:Its Essence & Me Featuring Piper Huguley

  1. Beautiful reflections and correlations Piper. Aging does tend to provide a truer perspective of the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you!

  2. I like that commercial as well. It really underscores the sharing of the Christmas spirit, rather than the easier dropping off a gift – particularly as it came from a child. And yes, losing a close family member is a sharp reminder of the importance of family.

  3. Hi Piper,

    I love your focus on family. I read another blog post today on all the failures of Christmas planning (and I could sure identify with that). The takeaway from that post was the same – forget all the intense prep and just be with family and enjoy that time together. We had so much going on with our dog and the surgeries this year that small-scale was sort of forced on us. They joy of the day was just as grand though as we enjoyed our time together.

    I’d forgotten about that commercial. Thanks for reminding me.
    Wishing you all the best in 2016. Hope our paths will cross in real space as well as cyber.

  4. So true! The commercialism is so great that we sometimes forget to worship our creator. We all need to remember He is the reason we are even here. And our family is do important I heard someone say there is never a person that’s on their deathbed that says they wished they had spent more time working. But they say they wished they had spent more time with family.

  5. Piper I have the Mayors Mission on my Kindle and I cannot wait to read it. Quick question I’ve heard historical romance being attributed to Beverly Jenkins and now you. Do you accept that title and if so what does it mean to you.

    1. Hi Missy! I hope you enjoy more of Virgil and Amanda’s love story. Ms. Bev and I aren’t the only ones who write historical romance but we a handful of folks that is steadily growing who write historical romance featuring African Americans and People of Color. There are more: Chanta Rand, PJ Dean, Ursula Renee, Alyssa Cole, Kianna Alexander and Lena Hart. We may be small in number, but we are mighty and coming up! So, no, I don’t accept that title, but gladly want to spread the word that People of Color have a rich history that deserves to be better known! I’m proud to be part of it. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a blessed New Year!

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