Need More Time?

You do right? Need more hours in the day to do the stuff you need to do. Yeah, I often wish that too. As a family woman, holding down a full time job and living out my purpose through my writing ministry, sometimes I wish I had a clone. More hours to do stuff. It seems like there is so much to be done and that I simply can’t do one more thing.


But as much as I wish and wish that wish can’t come true…there are only 24 hours in the day and God gave them to all of us. Us as in’ the successful and the not so successful… we all have the same 24 hours. So the question is how do you manage the time you have to be able to what you need to do.

Bishop TD Jakes has some advice.

For me, I watch only an hour of TV a day if that. I also have one program I watch exclusively, I don’t watch every single hit show on TV. I sleep early and wake up early. How do you manage your time? Tell me in the comments, let’s share.

Be Blessed


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