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Why You Can’t Say “Later”

Hi there!

The weekend is over and we are in a brand new week. A week of possibilities. A new week to do what we didn’t do  the week before.

Speaking of, what is holding you back? You’re waiting on the right circumstances? You’re waiting on the exact amount of money? Or perhaps, the perfect mate to build your dreams with.

Well let me tell you, the circumstance will never be just right!! Never. Simply because as humans, once one thing is set, we have another thing we want to be perfect before we start. I know, I tried.

do it

Take that leap of faith today! Faith is not just an 11-1 p.m. on Sunday morning church experience. It is a lifestyle. A journey. What are you waiting for? Do it now. When you put it off, you run the risk of never doing it. This is why you cant say ‘ later’. It has to be NOW!

What will you make the decision to start today.? Share in the comments. Remember one foot in front of the other.

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Be Blessed