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May You Believe.

Recently, I’ve been in a huge writing slump. Not that I can’t write but I feel I’m basically writing crap. Don’t know if you have ever felt that way about something that you know in your heart you can do, but at the present you just feel blah.

You’re cooking your signature soup. You have done it time and time again. People who have tasted it swear by your soup. You should know the drill by now right?But then you still wonder, does it have the right kick? Will people know it’s chicken soup and not veggie soup? Can they tell it’s Egusi soup and not Onugbu?

Well that’s my problem recently. I’m in love with Jabir & Damisi’s story in Anchored By Love one minute, the next I’m trying to strangle both of them and their group of friends. But I keep going, complaining the whole way. I’m in revisions and I still have about three more edits so I need to get my act together and trust the process. A friend of mine sent me this and so for Writer Wednesday, I’m sharing it with you, just in case you are going through the same.

may you believe

I know this is a general prayer but for me it reminds me to keep the faith. The Holy Spirit is my muse and I have to trust and rely on my source to give me the right words and perfect it. If your writing is not going the way you want, stick with it. Get to the end, you cannot fix a blank page. No matter your stage in the process. It will be beautiful in the end.

Be Blessed


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4 thoughts on “May You Believe.”

  1. Amen. Keep the faith and continue plowing along. I had a rough time with Tempted to Touch at first and today I received feedback from one of my beta readers and this is what she said, ” I really loved the storyline.” I had to fight at first, but once you get to the other side God will make sure you shine.

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