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There’s A Reason, But What Is It?

The year I decided to obey God and walk in my purpose, I knew immediately what my characters would look like. I mean their stories are all fictitious, for me at least, but the core of their story would all be centered on one thing…HOPE,& RESTORATION. How did I know this? Well, relax lemme tell you about it.

To tell this story, let me go back a little. The pregnancy and birth of my second child was a pretty painful, painful experience. While I was in the hospital recuperating, I had two polar experiences. One was with a nurse who had no idea of the pain I was going through, so as you’d expect she was harsher in her care for me…my mother nearly fought her…LOL never mess with a Naija woman’s child.( all women as a matter of fact). Later, the second was with another nurse, who was more tender. She advised a change in medication and I was so much better. That was four years ago, at first I hated that first nurse, but now I think about it, she didn’t have the capacity to do any better because she didn’t have a clue.

Remember in Luke 22:31 &32 when Jesus told Peter that he would be tempted, but that He would pray for him to overcome and when He does, to help others? “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat. 32 But I have pleaded in prayer for you, Simon, that your faith should not fail. So when you have repented and turned to me again, strengthen your brothers.”

Okay, stay with me…I’m getting to what this has to do with my writing & characters. 2011 & 2012 where pretty rough years for me. I experienced a long period of hopelessness. You see I knew the promises of God, heck, I could recite most of them. Jesus had been so good to me but I still felt hopeless, things were not changing the way I desired. I felt trapped in an endless circle that just rotated on it’s axis. Not moving front or back. I call it being “just there”. I know what it feels like to have Jesus in your heart but you wrestle with various physical and emotional struggles…fear, doubt, unforgiveness, anger at God not answering you NOW. Why He seems to answer other people’s prayers but yours go unanswered. You know…

It was a long process of restoration for me, going back to when I first believed, reaffirming the fact that He knows, accepting His grace and trusting completely in His plan. In other words, I accepted the REST of God. It might not all be fine, but its A okay as long as I remained in His secret place.

Woman Using Laptop On Desk At HomeSo back to my characters, first they are all African or mostly..that was purely to educate and entertain my readers about the culture and essence of Africa especially Nigeria…but at the core, that’s their story in a nutshell. They all have in one way or another allowed their circumstances to mold their view of a God they once knew so well. Or they have let the unanswered prayers of others mar their view of His plan for them just like the Danjuma men Or they have gotten tired of hoping for Him to answer their own prayers as was the case with Amara in When You Let Go. Or grew impatient and decided to help God like Feranmi in An Unexpected Blessing

By the end of each of their stories, they find their way back to the truth of God’s love and are RESTORED by the HOPE that anchors their souls, allowing them to completely surrender in Christ. My hope is that those who read my stories are more hopeful in their circumstance with the understanding that forgiveness and the ability to let go allows them to access His peace with surpasses human understanding and therefore the REST of God.

Just remember, whatever you’re going through might not be for you but a teachable moment for someone else.

Be Blessed.


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6 thoughts on “There’s A Reason, But What Is It?”

  1. Thanks for sharing where your writing inspiration comes from. I can definitely resonate with the theme of restoration and hope that you shared, having experienced the opposite end of that as well. Another author recently suggested I consider turning my memoir work into fiction. I’m not jumping into that, but has given me food for thought in how to approach my story. However or whenever the full story is published, to God be the Glory! Keep writing for Him Unoma! Blessings, Ardis

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