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Batteries Not Included


I love spending times with my kids. I know you’d think I’m a goofball for saying this but I can sing the theme songs to all their cartoons and I know each character by name. That’s how much time my television stays on “their program” as they would call it. The only thing that scares me  when we watch the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon  together is that they are constantly saying “Mummy, I want that toy.” “Mummy I would really like that.” “Mummy can I have this for my birthday.” With each commercial, I get a demand from one of them and you know there are a lot( purposefully so) of adverts. My kids take turns, I gladly say no 95% of the time but they ask anyway.

Well yesterday we flipped it a bit and watched the Cartoon Network ( now this was my thing growing up),  some commercials came on but they always said “Batteries Not Included” or they will show a toy, which is a vital part of the set and they would say “XXX sold separately.”

So here comes my six year old… “Mummy what does batteries not  included mean?”

So I told her.

Her response “But if there are no batteries the toy won’t work.”

My answer…“You are so intelligent.” Then I kissed her on the forehead and escaped before she asked me to buy the toy.

Come to think of it…so it is with everything else. The dream is free but the work, the hustle, the sacrifice, the commitment is a totally different thing all together.  You have to do something every day to advance the dreams you have for yourself, the purpose God has given you. It should not be dependent on how you feel. If you want it to work, to succeed, to have its desired impact,then you have to WORK at it.  Keep working at it with expectancy.

Have faith while working, when the enemy rears his ugly head, the faith you have in God should keep you on your path. Is keeping the faith easy when you’re faced with one obstacle after the other…NO.  But then again, this is where WORK comes in. We have to work to keep the faith. How?…faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God Romans 10:17. Stay connected to the SOURCE and BELIEVE. The reason some things don’t work is because deep inside we don’t believe it will. When you work,  pray and expect.

Remember, God sees the heart of man. You cannot work and not believe it will yield the desires results with faith and prayer Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

What steps have you taken towards your dreams? The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.

PS: As a mom I’ll tell you, any toy that doesn’t require batteries is very limited in its abilities.



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2 thoughts on “Batteries Not Included”

  1. “The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.” Love it! I needed to hear this today. As I prepare to release my first novel this December, I have to step out on faith that it will be a success as I submit it to the Lord in prayer. Thank you Unoma!

    1. Thanks Faith for stopping by. I wish you nothing but success on your release. I was just as nervous with But trust once you believe it will surpass your expectation.

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