My Musings

Your Light & The Game Changer

Yesterday, I sat under the ministration of Pastor Nike Adeyemi, the title of the sermon was Let Your Light Shine. I can’t type everything  but have a few tidbits for you that I hope blesses you as it did me.

  • We are commanded to walk in love. Our love walk casts out darkness. Hence we are told in Mathew 5:16 to let our light shine  so that men(others) may see our good work and glorify our Father.
  • We have to stay connected to him like Mary so he can give us the  strategies that will help us impact those around us. Since we can get caught up in life like Martha, your connection doesn’t have to be religious. Get it where you can, but get it!!
  • Stop being emotional in carrying out God’s business. Jesus was not an emotional being, despite the naysayers and the pain He knew he’d endure, he went about  His father’s business.
  • Whatever you do,should reflect the light of God in you. What is your sound? Your brand? How people identify you uniquely from others? Do you bring joy or pain?

I think this one is the most important :Sometimes God tells us our purpose but we refuse to obey because we think it should be bigger than what He said.

Today, I had the opportunity to listen to her husband Pastor Sam speak. His sermon was called The Game Changer. You know how when a team is loosing and the coach decided to swap the players…then all of a sudden the team gets better, well that person is the game changer. For us..its the Holy Spirit when we become born again. Here are a few tidbits..

  • The Holy Spirit is your game changer. Isaiah 32 vs 12-15. The ground was fallow til the spirit of God was poured on it.
  • You are not a biological accident, you were predestined for greatness but to walk into your destiny, you must be in alignment with the will if God. The Holy Spirit will show you the way.
  • God had completed the work but you have to show up and fulfill it in the physical. He made the trees, Adam made the furniture…He made the sheep, Adam made the coat…He gave the stone & sling but David did have to throw it to kill Goliath… you get the drift? The Holy Spirit will only work with what it sees on the inside of you… what’s there? fear or faith.
  • God didn’t create money, man did. But man now uses what he created to determine what God’s ability. We are not of this world, we belong to a higher system so act like it!!

As you walk into the week, ask the Holy Spirit for help and listen when He talks.

Be Blessed