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I Want The Brown Shoe…

brownDon’t really remember what started it, but I remember reprimanding my 3 year old son and subsequently he had this big frown on his face. It was 6.30am.  Oh yeah now I remember, he wanted to wear some shoes that didn’t fit his outfit SN: Gotta get my hubby to teach him about style…lol

About 5 mins later he still had this frown so I asked…“Do you want to be sad all day?”


“Then why are you still frowning?”


“Then stop it. Fix your face. Because how you start the day will determine how the day goes. You can’t wear those shoes today but you can wear them tomorrow.”

Then I gave him the boy-don’t-you-know-I –know- what’s-best- for- you – look


And that was that.

Driving into work I began to think of the words that at the time was meant to get my son smiling again. I would hate for him to be sad in school.  Then I started thinking of how many times God has told me no or not yet and I flew off a handle and forgot about all the good things he had done. And my day just got ruined for nothing, cos in the end it all got worked out.

The I remembered the look I gave my son…that must be the look God gives me anytime He doesn’t do things when I want Him to. Or doesn’t do what I want but has something else in mind.

I knew that the brown shoes looked horrible with his green and blue attire, but he liked the brown. It was comfortable. He wouldn’t be cute but it was his preference. But I knew what my child in his immaturity didn’t. So it is with God…since he is All Knowing, He knows that the thing we want wouldn’t be a good fit. It will do us wrong. But because we have made up in our mind we want it…we grovel, frown and let that spoil the whole day or season because a door was shut.

I learnt this weekend that when God shuts a door that means it wasn’t one that we were meant to walk through. So instead of wasting time crying, sad, depressed we should give thanks because the one that He would open would make us look as cool as ice. It will be the path we are meant to walk.

At the end of the day, my son trusted that what I wore on him was for his own good. If I a mere mortal want my child to be’ swagger-rific’ at all times

Then why can’t I trust a God, who sent His son to die for me to do the same. I told you at the beginning of the year that my theme for this year was REST.

Day by day, I’m relaying more and more on the REST of God…knowing that when I’ve done all I can do, He will meet me at my point of need. And trusting to rely on what I believe rather than what I see, because He knows what’s best for me.

Reminds me of the Darius Brooks Song~ Your Will.

“You know my end before my beginning

Calculated Blessing down to the penny

You will is whats best for me…” Enjoy!

Blessing Unoma

4 thoughts on “I Want The Brown Shoe…”

  1. I enjoyed reading this. Sometimes it’s hard to trust God because we can’t see Him…and I presume that at those times when He seems silent, He is giving us the ‘trust me, i know what is best for you’ look…If only we can see it.
    Hebrews says Moses obeyed cos he saw Him who is invisible…
    May God help us to trust. Amen
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading. I totally understand. And I guess that’s why the bible encourages us that Faith comes from hearing the word of God..It’s difficult but once we keep steadfast. I think we can get to that point where we say..Oya God, your move.

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