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Reporting For Duty

Copy of 100715-N-4047W-004 Ben looked at his watch, the 1032 train was late. He panicked. This interview was crucial. It was the first one with a major company since becoming a civilian. He felt really good about this one.

He had spent eight out of his thirty years  serving in the  United States Navy and was ready to settle down into his new life. Nothing wrong with service, it was an honor to serve his country but it was time for a change. He had family obligations that needed to be taken care of. His mother was worried about the direction his brother was headed. Jim was getting more difficult to handle, and since  their dad was no longer living, it was up to Ben to set him straight.

Ben could hear the train approaching from the distance. He mentally rehearsed the answer to the anticipated interview questions again. Within seconds, the train came to a screeching halt. He waited for the passengers to get off before getting on. Looking around for an isolated spot, he caught a shadow in the corner. It looked it belonged to his friend Iyke. Ben walked over briskly. It was indeed him.

“ Iyke, is that you?” Ben asked excited.

“Ha!  Ben, where did you come from?” Iyke stood up and gave him a bear hug. They swayed as the train began to move. They both fell into their seats and spent the next three minutes catching up. Iyke was now married, living in another part of the city. To Ben he looked tired and weary, not the energetic man he went to school with.

“So what else is going on? I thought you were going to start that barber shop and then expand it to accommodate a beauty salon as well?” Ben asked.

Iyke sighed. “Yes, I was going to do it but then one thing after the other kept coming up.”

“I don’t get it. Like what, it was your dream, all you ever talked about. In fact you were so convinced that God told you to do it,” Ben said.

“I know but then I didn’t have the capital, then I didn’t have the correct location, then I decided to open another side business, that didn’t work out. Don’t let me even get started on Trina and the kids. Too much to talk about,” Iyke explained.

Ben studied him for a second. Then brought out a paper to scribble his number on it. “ Let’s talk, here is my number.  I don’t understand it though. You were so sure it was your God-given assignment. If He sent you, why wouldn’t He provide for you? Unless you no longer  believe He sent you? Or you doubt He will provide?”

Iyke remained silent. Ben continued, “ I am a Navy man.  Though retired but those days, when my commanding officer sent me anywhere, I showed up and reported for duty. My answer was “Yes Sir” and I moved. I didn’t concern myself with what to eat on the mission, what to wear, where I would sleep, or if the enemy will be there when I got there to fight or if they had the attack plan well thought out before the called me to duty. If God is your commanding officer…why do you worry?”

Iyke’ s mouth formed to speak, but then he stopped. The train came to a halt.

“This is my stop man, I gotta go but call me.”

moses-rodOkay, this story is  fictional but was inspired by something my Pastor said. If those in the military will get up and move on notification from their Commander-in-Chief, without question. Why do we, Christians, not get up and move when God had sent us. Just like He sent Moses, who started complaining till God told him to use what was in his hand. He said, He will do it, use what is in your hand and move!!

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