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Super Working Mum LIVE-UK Edition

We Christians also tend, at times, to view women who are confident and successful in the workplace as less feminine, less submissive, perhaps even less godly than women in more traditional roles. As both sides run to Proverbs 31 to proof-text their choice, we must all admit that the virtuous woman is almost obsessively industrious, leading and serving inside and outside her household walls—as did Deborah the judge, Miriam, and Queen Esther, among other pillars of the faith.  ~ Leslie Leyland Fields, Can Christian Women Have It All? Debunking the Work-Life Balance Myth, Christianity Today

alotedI saw this quote some days ago and immediately thought about all the strong, passion driven but home focused women I’ve come to know since I began my own journey towards fulfilling my passion. One of such women is Aloted Omoba. She is the founder of Super Working Mom, and believe me when I say she is really super working. This chick just had a baby and she is already hard at work concluding the plans for her Super Working Mum LIVE! Event.

In simple words, the Super Working Mum brand was created for working mums who are juggling growing in their faith, with home and work.  Now, Aloted is taking it a step further and hosting the first live event in London called The Super Working Mum LIVE!  This event is a lifestyle day event where professional working mothers meet up to network, socialize and broaden their horizons with practical, tangible skills and ideas.


There will be five expert speakers who are all working mothers- Diane Ore, Justina Rosu, Claire Mitchell, Gbemiyi Ali and Aloted Omoba. The topics to be discussed on the day are:

•             Advancing in a Career

•             Building Lasting Wealth

•             Running A Business in Heels

•             Building Confidence

•             Parenting with A Purpose

This exciting and educational event will also feature numerous appealing side attractions such as beauty makeovers, business advice and the sale of various goods and services.

There are currently only 10 tickets left, so go now to to get your ticket.

If you are still not convinced here are 8 reasons why you must attend-



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If you are in the UK, you don’t want to miss this. If you aren’t, I’m sure you know someone who is. This promises to be EPIC!! 

Notice I say UK Edition, hehehe that’s becuase although she is in the UK, I’m trying to nudge her to have a US event.