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If She Can, Why Can’t I?…

beyonce-weave-funLet me start off by saying I’m not a huge fan. I do however, respect her as a human being, mother and artiste doing what she loves.

Anyways, as is my routine every morning, I logged into the internet to see what was going on. Headline: “Beyonce’s hair gets stuck in a fan”. I didn’t open the link to watch the video or read the full article. But my initial thoughts were, “Heeya that’s too bad.”

You see for Nigerians  “heeya”(pronounced hey-ya) can have numerous meanings, depending on how it is said.  It’s supposed to be a phrase for sympathy but can also be used for indifference or just for something to say. My “heeya” meant, ” Hope she is alright. Next…”  I was indifferent. (I’m being honest here. #dontjudgeme)….. but I digress. Then my next thought was, “Chei! she must have had to stop the show, to deal with her snafu.”  There was no way, she would have continued after that. She could have seriously been hurt, so she just had to stop the show.

But then by mid- day people in the office started talking about her. One of her huge fans was like “That’s Queen B, she didn’t even stop singing for a second.”  I was in disbelief so I challenged her.She said, “I’m gonna send you the link.” So with my tail between my leg, I walked back to my desk and opened the link that had arrived before I did. Lo’ and behold the full article explained how she kept singing while she used one hand to try to free herself ’til security came along.  I was like OMG!!!

Why did I say that? Singing is what she loves to do. It’s her job, her life, she been doing it forever. It gives her a sense of fulfillment. We Christians label it passion/purpose.  Follow me here…

When she was singing (pursuing her purpose)  that fan ( mountain, obstacle, nay-sayers, haters, circumstances) tried to steal her joy/ her sizzle(stand in your way) but what did she do? She kept smiling and singing( kept her eye on the prize which is to entertain the people, spread her ‘message’) in the midst of it all. Knowing that( having faith) security(God)  will get/help her out of this mess(any situation). She didn’t have to worry just kept on doing what she had to do. SING!

AHA Moment!! If she can do it, then why cant I? Why cant I( or you)  a blood washed believer, continue on my path smiling and believing that if I keep doing what I’m doing, the best I know how God will always make a way.

With that said, say it with me: I will keep pressing toward my mark. Pursuing my God-given vision with hard work and dedication knowing that no matter what comes my way my God’s got it.

 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.~ Philippians 3:14 . So at the end of the day, like Paul we can say” I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith~ 2 Timothy 4:7



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8 thoughts on “If She Can, Why Can’t I?…”

    1. Thanks! We all could learn something. Something even happened the other day and I had to remember what I had written in this post.

  1. I am so glad I came by to read this Unoma.

    LOVE where you took Beyonce’s experience to. I like her a lot mostly because of her passion for what she does. She is extremely hardworking and I like how she protects her privacy and you are right, she teaches a great lesson on how to deal with the ‘hair snaggling fans’ in our paths toward our God given destinies…..Just keep singing…….let each one know what ‘singing’
    means to him/her, abi?

    1. Glad you stopped by too. And yes oh..despite these “hair-snatching-wanna-disgrace-somebody-but-Godpassdem-fans” lol we need to keep our eyes on the prize.

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