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Eagle Vs. Chicken


Driving home today–deep in thought– I was mentally putting together my schedule for the night–mommy time with my darling kids– before I settled down to write. I tuned to my favorite radio station to hear some inspirational music. After one song, the VJ began to speak. I was hearing  him but not really listening–I always tell people, that there’s a difference between the two.

I was also absently putting together a scene in my head for Alex & Feranmi in An Unexpected Blessing, when the  VJ caught my attention. He said the word ‘drama’. Yeah, you know how we are–well me at least–we need a little bit of sensationalism in our lives once in a while. Whether we get it from TV, radio, social media, we all need something that takes us away once in a while. So when he said ” I was woken up by “drama” from home this morning”, I perked up. I wanted to hear what he got going on…

Well he didn’t say anything about the drama per se– as disappointing as that was– but he went on to say something that held my attention. “It’s very hard to be an eagle around people who still view you as a chicken”. You know how you get those quotes once in a while that make you go BOOM. Well this did it for me!!

There are times in life, when we are in a certain situations–job, neighborhood,drugs, depression, debt, relationship–you name it. Once people remember you in that situation as ‘small’ as it is, it’s hard for them to see you when things turn around. When you are now big not in status but  in maturity, wisdom, heading somewhere.

Once God brings you out, turns you around, removes your circumstance, gives you a vision…it is often hard for those that saw you as a CHICKEN to now see you as an EAGLE. To continue on the path towards your destiny, dreams, your turn around, it is necessary to remove yourself from those people so you can soar like an EAGLE.

God has placed something on the inside of each on of us. It doesn’t matter the road you take to discovery or when you discover it. Each persons’ path is different. BUT whenever you get your IT, keep pressing towards your mark. If those around you refuse to see you for what you’ve become or trying to achieve…..its OK to let those people GO so you can move forward.  As Bishop T.D Jakes would say..Reposition Yourself!!

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus~ Phillipians 3:14



Post inspired by KDBowe, VJ 102.5

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    Preparing for your future means preparing for growth and for change. This includes removing anything and anyone who would hinder that. (Gardeners do this on purpose and get bigger and better flower blossoms after pruning.) I love this article and how it speaks to this. Read on below:

  2. It’s frustrating to be in that position where someone almost doesn’t want to forgive you for a mistake you made and they want to keep you in the box of the person you used to be. As hard as it is to let go of those people even when it makes sense to do so it’s the only to move forward. I’m with you I’m walking forward in God’s purpose for my life.

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