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The Almost Last Supper…

Ult_TurkeyFeast-570Before the end of last year, Pastor has been preparing us for this 52 day Nehemiah fast. The church as a whole is going to embark on come the New Year. Well the day is finally here, tomorrow we embark on a 52 day fast, the goal as with all fasts is to get to know God on a deeper level, building walls around us that will keep us from withering when we meet physical opposition. You see 2013 has been dubbed the  Year of Discovery. Discovering our God, our vacation/calling, our helpers in our purpose and our obstacles so we can become overcomes.

I am ready!!  Hope not to hear that little deceptive voice tomorrow. In fact I guarantee you  that it will show up bright and early to announce that the coffee brewing in the break room is the best coffee I will ever taste in my life. It will be there to announce that the little piece of chocolate will not matter. It will be there to deceive me that God understands. You know the voice I’m talking about, please tell me I’m not the only one that hears this voice.  You see when I fast I normally do a partial fast but since old things have passed aways and all things are news I am determined not to let this just be any other fast. You see if you want something different you should be willing to do something  you have never done. The magic does indeed happen outside of your comfort zone.

So during these days, I will be posting here periodically to tell you of my progress and the obstacles that my come, cos believe me they will come. It is a given that anytime you are about to embark on a life changing experience the devil is not happy. Our greatest mistake though is that we see the enemy as some kind of external force.   Big mistake in the word of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman “huge!” 

You see they can be in the inform of workers, relatives, best friends anyone can be used. Intentionally or not they will cause  a distraction. We were duly warned in service today. But with prayer, clarity of mind and clinging to God by his Grace and only His grace will I be able to overcome.

Here is some background: Nehemiah had to build a wall and it was done in 52 days despite all the obstacles that came his way.

Pray for me ya’ll