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Yes I can..Part III

 imageseee2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”

Driving back home from work , the disc jockey of a popular Christian radio station asked a question in which he required ladies to call in and express their opinions. The question was “does your man have to be Christian, saved or even go to church?”. There were a variety of answers not shocking though as I have been down this road before. Just opened my mind that there are many women that still think they can change a man once they get him? I’m not talking about minor stuff like ‘changing’ him to push in his chair once up from the table but major stuff like his beliefs and perception all because he is now with you. That reminded me that I hadn’t finished telling my story…….

So as you can imagine after that unfortunate encounter with the man I chose for myself. I laid low and chilled for a little while. Marriage wasn’t so hot on my radar, at least not now; I had to calm down from this first and reevaluate. So with my tail between my legs I went back to seek God and his plan for my life. Lived a ‘good’ life in obedience for a while but since I’m human and have shortcomings, I wanted what I wanted. I wanted someone to share my life with, to laugh and cry with to love unconditionally. So my friends went into over drive, sending me on blind dates which I went into with the mindset that even if he wasn’t what I wanted I would be able to change him according to taste. Im good at talking so I can talk him into anything I wanted him to be, as long as I loved him enough the man I got will change for me. I figured that right off the back he doesn’t have to be saved, or go to church, if he just knows of God we can work the rest out. I look back now and giggle at how I thought I could change a whole grown human being that God has created with his own will just how He created us with our own will.

So I went out with an one who knew of God but didn’t believe in His sovereignty, weird isn’t it, so I spent weeks trying to convince him of God’s sovereignty, how tiresome. Then I went out with one who agreed to go to church with me but after 3 Sundays it was just not in his DNA, he was tired from the hustle and bustle of the week and Sundays was his football and rest days. Then there was one who knew of God, but wasn’t sold out to Him. You would not believe how much time I wasted trying to get each of them at varying times mind you, to love the God I love.  As ‘secular’ beings we would want someone that loves the same things you do and have the same intrest as you right? So why them as Christians we are willing to settle for less on that part of our life: his beliefs.

In my opinion it all has to do with our level of trust that HE will give you what is best for you Jer 29:11. If we don’t have that level of trust we will not be still and know that He is God. The verse in 2 Corinthians may sound cliché but it is so so true. Its not within any woman’s power to change a man, so don’t go into any relationship with the mindset that you can. If you are willing to settle with an unbeliever, that’s a personal decision and only God can work on that person to change just like only God could change Saul to Paul. However to relieve yourself from all the unnecessary drama that comes along with being unequally yoked, just stay put, believe that God will do whats best for you…..

The conclusion is one you won’t believe but shows the greatness of God.

Coming soon…..

Be Blessed