My Musings

My Secret Place

Isaiah 45:3 “I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name”

OK, what  I now want to know is how to get  to this secret place where my riches are. How do I get to the place where all my issues will be a thing of the past? If you were given a clear road map to what the future holds do you think you can handle it?? Have you ever wondered why the Lord does not just say “ Ok my child, make sure you go to X school and marry Mr. D and not Mr. E, when Boss Z denies your promotion don’t worry I’m sending Mrs. B who will double the promotion. If your child gets sick today don’t worry tomorrow at exactly 2.06pm, the sickness will disappear and if you lose your present house, in exactly 4wks you will get another one. And at exactly 55 you will come join me..……Scary right?……

Being as honest as I can be I know that I will not be able to handle it…and I know that God knows it too simply because He made us and knows the havoc it would create if we had a clear road map. Instead he gives us this life and a promise that our riches are located in secret places but how do we find this secret place is the big question. We sometimes spend so much time in the quest for prosperity, this is fed by the times and the fact that most of the “gospel” preached lately is only about prosperity and not about living for Christ and preparing for His return. We are so caught up in the final destination without savoring the journey and taking lessons from our experiences.

For anything to be beautiful it has to go through a process, a house gets built by hammering one part into the other until the whole house it done. So also pottery, it has to go through fire to turn out gorgeous.  If we are not willing to go through the process how do we get beautiful results? How do we get to our secret place where our riches abound? To where He has promised that we will know He has called us by name? Psalm 91 vs 1 saysWhoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Then the rest of the Psalm tell us of the benefits of being in the shelter of the Almighty….To dwell means to live/be a permanent resident of somewhere, therefore putting Isaiah 45 and Psalm 91 together obviously my secret place where riches abound is not a straight road map to a problem free life but the assurance that once my primary focus is to seek Him in all His righteousness He will direct my path so that the riches will come to me, but I have to be in the dwelling of the most High.

So now I have a whole new appreciation for Romans 8:28 that says all things works together for the good of those that love the Lord AND are called according to His Purpose. Loving Him is just not enough you have to make sure you are living in purpose for there lays the path to your secret place where your riches abound.

With this knowledge I now know that my yes(s) are great but my no(s) are also good! My approvals are great so are my denials! If I get the contract is all good if I don’t it’s good as well! If I get the house its good if I don’t its good as well! If I get the husband it’s all good if I don’t it’s good as well! If I’m bad mouthed it’s all good if I’m praised its good as well! Before any great piece of work can be set free it has to be tested so all my trials, joy, pain, hardships are all tests and part of the process to bringing me closer to my secret place and where my riches abound. I am confident (hope) of this because my dwelling place is under the shelter of the Most High!!

Be Blessed