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My List Lord..Part 1

Proverbs 16:9 “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”

I had it all figured out, where he would be from, how tall he should be, how he should speak and he got to have a job. He should not be too light or dark in complexion, he can’t have any kids and must reside where I reside…absolutely no long distance relationship.  Hearing me talk, you would think I had total control over everything.   But the time was ticking because as a Naija (slag name for Nigeria) babe, I had a ‘specific’ time in which I had to be married and furthermore the kids had to start rolling in as the ‘grandkids’ already had potential names  even down to the nicknames.

Everyone around me was getting married, and although I was happy for them (I strongly believe that when you are GENIUNELY happy for others, God is working behind the scenes), I wanted to be the one in the spotlight, I wanted to have someone to come home to at night, someone to share the good the bad and the ugly, to make me laugh and share happy times. Please hear me loud and clear, I wasn’t looking for someone to make me happy, but someone to share happiness with, there is a HUGE difference. Despite what the extremist say women were created to have and need a man as a mate and companion. It’s there in the scripture “..….your desire will be for your husband…”(Gen 3:16).

So here I was in diaspora, with a slamming job, a solid education, a house, a car and a few bucks in the bank but I still had that one unfulfilled desire –a HUSBAND. Although the need was great I wasn’t going to settle for less than I deserve and he must fit my list to a ‘T’- no exceptions.  Days turned into weeks, weeks to months, then years, the clock was ticking and my MR. PERFECT had’nt surfaced yet. During this period the Lord taught me many lesson, follow me as I share, lesson learned and chronicle my journey as a single sistah!

Be Blessed


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Part 2 coming soon