Pretend Bae

Briceson Richardson
She’s been my best friend since the tenth grade…now I feel her slipping away
It was foolish of me to think other men won’t see what I’ve willed myself to ignore.
We crossed that line before and it didn’t go too well.
I got my friend back but that was a line I was hesitant to cross.
That is until she tells me she’s ready to settle down. How did I miss that?
With a new deal in the works, I have just enough time to convince her that I’m the only candidate for the job.

Imani Sharif
I’ve known Brice almost all my life.
I’ve also secretly loved him for a good amount of that time
We crossed the line and he betrayed me
My feelings for him, though complicated, never died.
Now he wants me to be his pretend bae to secure his new deal
I want to help him achieve his dream but can my heart withstand the charade?

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