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#WriterWednesday: 5 Tips for When You Don’t Feel Like It

I want to get the book done but just don’t feel like it. Sound familiar? Or are you at the point where you can’t stand the characters and wish magically the book would write itself already.

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Here are 5 tips for when you don’t feel like it
🖊 Show up! Until you do nothing happens.
🖊 Reward yourself. I am an avid reader and a one click addict. So I have stacks of books but I set them down as rewards for getting some writing done. Then reward myself with a book and a mug of tea. #bliss

🖊 Change the scene. I write anywhere in my house… Kitchen waiting on the water to boil for my Poundo( A Nigerian delicacy) or Indomie(Noodles)…Dinning, couch, bed anywhere.

🖊 Set a hard word count goal. I only do this when I’m really not feeling it. That way I’m forced to do what needs to be done.

🖊 Dress up. Staying in your pjs May be cool and all but gets old. Take off the bonnet, fix your hair and hit those keys.

Happy Writing!!

How do you get motivated to write even when you don’t feel like it?



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New Beginings: Introducing Anchor Talk

Hey! We made it…another year. Welcome to 2017. I wish you a very prosperous New Year!!

If you have been following me  for  a while you would’ve heard the phrase #confidentexpectations often. Over the last couple of months I’ve added another phrase :#AnchorNotes. These notes have become quite popular on Instagram.:-)

As you know this comes from Hebrews 6:19 Hope anchors the soul.Check out my post on it here. Mid year last year, I started to record on  Anchor Talk on Sound Cloud, but life kinda happened and it didn’t quite take off.

Confident Expectations, Anchor Notes coupled with my new book In The Dark has lead to the revamp of Anchor Talk. I’m so excited and thrilled about the journey this new venture is taking me on and I hope you’d join me for the ride.

In the Dark is my passion project and is scheduled for release 03/03/2017. I’m excited about helping and empowering others to build confident expectations in Chris #IntheDark places. In those times when you aren’t really sure when your breakthrough will come or which way God is going to rolling the dice. In those flashlight moments when you can only see so far and are holding on to hope that good things are to come.


This book has been on my heart to write for a very long time. Years. It is now finally time to release another piece of me to the world. In the Dark is not just about me but about you. About soldier in the kingdom army. I believe it was God who prompted me on this new route. I had a false start but after prayer, overcoming fear and placing all my trust in God. I’m ready to start again.

So… Introducing Anchor Talk: A Biweekly Podcast starting February 7th 2017.


It will start off as a 20-30 min solo podcast sharing stories of faith and hope and encouragement to push you through your dark places. I will share from the book and have other surprises in store.

Also on the horizon for this new season is the In The Dark Series: Flashlight Moments.


In pursuit of your passion sometimes you gotta fly blind. What happens when you pray and you’re moving but nothing is happening? How did these ladies survive their flashlight moments when they could only see so far #IntheDark.
These are women I admire a lot and when I reached out, they willingly answered my call. I can’t wait for you to know them better.

Finally, I will host #GLOWInTheDark Twitter Chats on Sundays in January 9pm EST. So join me tonight. We are setting the foundation for this year right!


Blessings and thank you for Rocking with me. More information on the podcast as we approach.




Writer Wednesday: 3 Persons in One

Character development is critical for an easy to read book. I absolutely love building my characters.

I always think of which celebrity I think most looks like my character… And I use Pinterest a lot to just pin what I see in my minds eye based on the characters essence. I’m so finicky about my characters 😀😀😀 sometimes it’s scary. I build extensive profiles going as detailed as to what elementary school they went to. I wrote a blog post on how to do this.  Part of the Family details the process I use to build my characters..

How do you build your characters? Drop me a comment let me know.


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Be Blessed


Writer Wednesday: Understanding Your Antagonist

It’s simple. For your reader to care about anything you write, you gotta make them. And yes, that goes for the antagonist too.

Take me as your reader for example, the protagonist, I got will make them so likable and have this deep emotional story that I will feel bad for them and root for them. But what about your antagonist? If I can’t understand him/her or why his/her plight is important to them, the book will put me to sleep immediately.

In my books, especially  When You Let Go and Anchored By Love I had some female antagonist that my readers still want to hear from. They feel empathy toward them, why? Because I made them care about these characters.




To make a memorable, believable villain, you the writer must make the reader believe in the antagonist twisted sense of reasoning. Show the reader that to the villain(antagonist) their actions make perfect sense to them.

Got questions for me? Drop them in the comments would love the hear from you.

Be Blessed.