Giveaway!!! Win 4 Autographed Books Worth $50

Hey Y'all. It's November 1st. Can you believe it? November 1st. I just finished my blog anniversary and I'll announce the winners of the contest later today. As you know, I decided to give away 5 books from my shelf. Anyway the giving felt so good that I will be doing it more often now. … Continue reading Giveaway!!! Win 4 Autographed Books Worth $50

It’s My Party!

I have told the story a thousand times... I got the gift to write from God but the actual push came from my husband. I remember the day he saw my personal library overflowing with books. "Babe, I see all these books, where is yours?" he asked That was six years ago. My blog was … Continue reading It’s My Party!

Wednesday Author Spotlight~ Yejide Kilanko

This week I have the pleasure of introducing Yejide Kilanko. I've known of her for a while but just got to really "know" her. Online of course, since she lives in Canada and I'm in the US of A. :-). But I can truly tell you that she is such a sweet lady with a … Continue reading Wednesday Author Spotlight~ Yejide Kilanko