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3 Areas To Focus Confidence Journaling

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I hope you enjoyed the interview with Detola Amure yesterday. If you didn’t read it you have to check it out here.

Today we’re talking about the 3 ways in which we can journal and intentionally focus our thoughts in confidence. The Light Pearls In The Dark : Confident Expectations Journal is a 40 day Journal. You could use it in one area for the 40 days or you could divide it up into different chunks. Today we’ll focus on using it in 15 day chunks by focusing on the 3 main areas below;


  1. Faith: When we lose confidence in God, we become easily swayed by our environment and this can lead us down a path that wasn’t intended for us from the beginning. Mainly into sin. Writing down your thoughts can help you see clearly where you need the help of the Holy Spirit and hone in on that area. Intentional focus on hope and the belief that all our trust placed in HIM will lead to a favorable end.
  2. Family: Write down areas in your family life in which you are expecting a move of God. Remember to be specific in your prayers. If you are married, for your husband and children should be your focus and extended family. If not then your nuclear and extended family. Remember, His word will not return void.
  3. Talents: I have “preached”on this blog many times on the importance of having confidence in the gifts God has given you and using them to hone your talents/passion for His purpose. Are you hesitant on using them out of a lack of confidence? Pray for courage. Just for you, I have attached my talk on Sound Cloud on Confidence In Your Gifts.

These are my recommendations. Tell me some of the things you need to journal intentionally for confidence in?

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The Intentionality of Journaling

The dictionary defines intentionality as “the fact of being deliberate or purposive.”

When we want to buy a house we are intentional about making our credit look good. When we want a job we are intentional about how our resume looks and how we prepare for the subsequent interview.

Almost everything we want in life we go about intentionally making sure we do everything in our power to get it. The same applies to our Christian walk. Nobody wakes up and is able to be like Christ no matter how many times they are dipped in the water(baptism)It takes a conscious effort in intentionality to get out there and be the light In The Dark

According to 2 Corinthians 10:5 “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Obedience to Christ is to follow His commandments and believe in Him. No matter what comes your way, believe in Jesus.

This brings me to today’s post, The Intentionality of Journaling. As we discussed last week a journal helps you share your thoughts through written word, gives you a visual, can be used as testimony( when you see what God has done before).To intentionally capture our thoughts like the verse says, you have to train them.


That’s where the Confident Expectations Prayer Journal comes in handy. It is filled with intentional verses, songs and quotes that will help you train your thoughts on the promises of God. Specifically, it contains

🖊 40 days of praise/worship song suggestions and hopeful promises that will help you strategically defeat the enemy’s plan of sowing doubt in your dark place.
🖊 It also provide space for you to write personalized prayers.
🖊 Record your testimonies in accordance to the fulfillment of His promise.
The Confident Expectations Journal helps you tap into and memorize those promises of God in #confidentexpectation of good things to come. God’s Light Opens Windows In The Dark. Get Ready to G.L.O.WInTheDark

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Writer Wednesday: 3 Persons in One

Character development is critical for an easy to read book. I absolutely love building my characters.

I always think of which celebrity I think most looks like my character… And I use Pinterest a lot to just pin what I see in my minds eye based on the characters essence. I’m so finicky about my characters 😀😀😀 sometimes it’s scary. I build extensive profiles going as detailed as to what elementary school they went to. I wrote a blog post on how to do this.  Part of the Family details the process I use to build my characters..

How do you build your characters? Drop me a comment let me know.


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