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When You Let Go: A Snippet

When You Let Go cover3

Hey y’all remember the name of my  WIP was Amarachi~ The Grace of God.

Editor Feedback: Amarachi was a complex name. The Grace of God was too generic. So a title change was suggested.

Amara’s story is one where she had to let go of pain to be open to forgive and receive. So the new title is…When You Let Go

Enjoy another snippet. I’m almost there, I’ll announce a release date soon

Pulling a chair, Ejike sat with an exaggerated grin on his face. “I’m sure you guys wouldn’t mind if I joined your party.”

How did he find her? Amara opened her mouth to speak, when Ejike continued while glaring at Devon.

“You must have the magic touch to get my wife to laugh like that,” he said. “She did tell you she is married, right?”

Devon had a confused look on his face. His eyes traveled from her to Ejike. “I’d hate for you to go to hell because you drank from another man’s well,” Ejike said.

Amara’s jaw dropped. How dare he act like she was doing something wrong? If she didn’t do something he would end up costing her this client. “Devon Roberson, meet my husband Ejike Dike,” she said.

Devon extended his hand. “Nice to meet you,” he said.

Ejike ignored his hand. “I wish I could say it was a pleasure.”

That’s it she had had enough. Amara stood up. “Excuse us,” she said to Devon. “I’ll be back shortly.”

Ejike stood. “Don’t bother, I’ll see myself out.” He turned around and left without a backward glance.

©Unoma Nwankwor2014

Coming Spring 2014

What is Grace? A Snippet From ‘When You Let Go’

When You Let Go cover3The most common definition for grace is the unmerited favor of God. How ever grace is an attribute of God and can be manifested in so many ways.First and foremost, by Christ dying on the cross. Then there is common grace, saving grace, securing grace, sanctifying grace, serving grace and sustaining grace.

My upcoming novel When You Let Go touches on sustaining grace which is grace given at special times of need, especially during adversity or suffering.( bible.org).

In this book, Amara learns that the grace God extends so freely can help us overcome anything. For its but by His grace we are what we are….However, Ejike learns that God’s forgiveness doesn’t wipe away the consequences for disobedience. When they both learn to let go…the possibilities are endless.

Here is an excerpt of my upcoming novel When You Let Go, scheduled for a Spring 2014 Release

“Hmm…” Ejike said, raising the mug to his lips. The beverage was soothing. “Are you going into the office today?”
“Yes, but I have to go to the TV station first,”Amarachi said. “One of my clients has an interview scheduled this morning. I’m trying to keep busy; the wait is making my antsy.” Her tone was low. Her eyes fixed on her shoes.
Ejike sighed, finishing his coffee, he walked to her. He lifted her head with his finger. “Look at me. It’s just been a couple of days but whatever the results are, it’s going to be ok,” he said.
“Worrying will do no good when we’ve handed it over to God. He will do what He’ll do, regardless.” He kissed her on her lips.
“I know honey. I just want this for us.”
“Have you heard me complain? God gave me you.”
“I know that, but I feel incomplete. Not being able to give you what you want.”
“What we want. And don’t ever call yourself incomplete again. We’re in this together. God’s will be done.” Ejike hated that she took their situation so personal. That’s why he could never bring himself to confess to her.
Ejike knew that a secret always had a way of rearing its ugly head. He’d just have to brace himself for the impact when that time came.

© 2014,Unoma Nwankwor