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The Season: Its Essence & Me featuring Faith Simone

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This is later than usual but there was a break in transmission. Well now we got that squared away… I’d like to introduce you to Faith Simone. Faith has always been my Facebook buddy, we both write Christian fiction and support each other. But you see nothing moves friendship up a notch than when you go to that person’s city and she is a gracious host and crowns it off by taking you to a hole-in-the-wall barbecue joint…I mean what more can I say….anyway introducing Faith Simone.

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Faith Simone

Christmas is a time of year when being with the ones you love is all that matters. It’s good food, animated conversations, smiling faces and sincere expressions of affection in the form of cards and gifts.

Gifts. The one part of Christmas that gets the most attention. Somewhere along the way, many people have confused the act of buying a gift with the true meaning of Christmas. What is billed as the most wonderful time of the year becomes a time when stress levels increase with the same intensity and speed as bank accounts decrease. The consumerism of our culture crowds out the sweetness of this season’s original intent.

We have to be careful and diligent about shifting our focus away from catching that sale, solidifying that deal, and shopping until we drop. If stress tries to come knocking at your door this holiday season, kindly mark it “Return to Sender”. Take time to remember what the tradition of gift giving symbolizes: a celebration of the birth of Christ.

My motto is simple: spend more time than money. Make that phone call. Send that card. Watch the cheesy Christmas movie. Take those cookies to your job and bring a smile to your co-worker’s faces.

Christmas is a reminder of new beginnings and hope for a fallen world. It’s the perfect time to reflect and count your blessings. It’s a time for extra kindness, charitable acts of love, and renewed faith.

That’s what truly makes it the most wonderful time of the year.











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I hope you enjoyed this piece. Faith is giving away an e copy of her debut novel, When the Real Thing Comes Along but you know what you have to do…share & comment to be eligible to win. Winner will be announced 5pm EST 12/11



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Author Spotlight: When The Real Thing Comes Along By Faith Simone

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Today on Author Spotlight, I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to Faith Simone. Faith and I, as with a lot of my writer friends, ‘met’ over the world wide web. She was reading When You Let Go and I was was thrilled and humbled at her review of my work. From there a budding acquaintance began as they say the rest is history. She blogs at All Things Written To Encourage & Inspire and is stopping by today to share her debut novel. Woot! Woot! It is such an achievement to pen a novel and put it into the world for all the read. Let me stop rambling and get to it.

Title: When the Real Thing Comes Along

Author: Faith Simone

Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Inspirational Fiction, Edgy Christian Fiction

Release Date: February 13, 2015

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About the Book


She loved and lost…Will faith give her the courage she needs to love again?

Jacelynn appears to have it all together: a great relationship with her boyfriend Jason who is truly a man after God’s own heart, a decent career and the love of family and friends. But when an unwelcome reminder from her past shows up, her previously uncomplicated world is turned upside down.  Will she jeopardize what she has with Jason in an attempt to rewrite the mistakes of her past?

They say you never forget your first love, no matter how hard you try. So far, Jacelynn has done a pretty good job of forgetting Taylor, the boy who had her heart first. When Taylor returns several years later as a man requesting a second chance, what’s a girl to do…Especially when she already has a new man?

The hidden issues of Jacelynn’s heart come to light and she’s forced take a hard look in the mirror while making choices that will change her future forever. Will she be able to reconcile who she was then, with who she is in Christ now?

Living and loving in faith isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. That’s what happens…

When The Real Thing Comes Along


My eyes were wide open the night I invited Taylor into my life. It was at the end of one of those parties that starts out with what seems like hundreds of people, but turns mellow before midnight. I was ready to go but my best friend, Kim, wasn’t. She was trying to finalize the hook up with a guy from her history class. Meanwhile, I was waiting on a ratty couch in the dark living room with a guy I knew I would never see again, wishing that I was at home watching Lifetime movies. That’s when I saw him.

He walked past me through the sliding glass doors into the backyard. Something about the gracefulness of his long strides, made me get up and follow him while the guy on the couch was still running his mouth.

The sound of Usher singing about how to tell if you got it bad muffled to a slow thumping bass as I closed the patio doors behind me. I waved away the sweet smell of weed as I stepped around a few people smoking and lounging on the mismatched patio furniture.

I trailed him across the large backyard where the only sound was the loud swishing of the dozen or so palm trees waltzing in the fall winds. Both of our steps were silent in the soft mushy grass. I felt strange following him without saying anything, but I wanted him to sense me behind him. I wanted to know if the crazy magnetism I was feeling was working on him too. But there was a different force drawing him that night. One that I would contend with at a later time, in another place, with a lot more to lose.

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About The Author


Faith Simone is a poet, playwright and novelist.  She is also an active blogger, sharing her personal thoughts, book reviews and tips for writers on her website FaithSimone.com. Simone is passionate about using her gift of writing as a tool to help promote humanity, understanding and compassion.

Social Links

Website: FaithSimone.com

Twitter: @Faithsimone2011

Facebook: Author Faith Simone

Goodreads:  Faith Simone