The Writing Journey

May You Believe.

Recently, I've been in a huge writing slump. Not that I can't write but I feel I'm basically writing crap. Don't know if you have ever felt that way about something that you know in your heart you can do, but at the present you just feel blah. You're cooking your signature soup. You have… Continue reading May You Believe.

My Musings

Wednesday Author Spotlight~ Onyih Odunze

 Onyih and I are kindred spirits. We 'met' through an online Christian writer group andit's like we've known each other forever. We share stories, secrets, tears, laughter, prayer and critic each other's work. She describes herself as a "Pencil in His hands". She writes stories of grace, mercy and hope Read a short excerpt of her… Continue reading Wednesday Author Spotlight~ Onyih Odunze