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New Release! VeGas Nights

So I did a thing…wrote a Billionaire Sweet Romance

It’s now available, get your copy!
💕She’s bent on playing it safe.
💕He’s determined never experience
poverty again.
💕A night on the wild side changes everything.

It’s available here

Enjoy & don’t for get to leave me a review

Peace & blessings


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Books make excellent gifts. Buying a book from your favorite author for friends and family helps not only the author but introduces your family or friends to a new reading experience.

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“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” Jhumpa Lahir

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Teaser Tuesday: I’m Not A Grinch


Have you had a chance to read my new Christmas novel? The readers love it. Here’s a teaser from Yasmine, the heroine of A Promise Fulfiled

 “Merry Christmas, Yasmine,” Mrs. St. Patrick, from the local bakery, yelled.Yasmine lifted her hand, waved and returned the greeting. If she’d remembered she’d have to plaster on smiles as she wished the locals a Merry Christmas, she would’ve let her driver do the honors, while she hid behind the tinted windows.

As she turned onto Amour Lane and walked up the short stairs to the resort, Yasmine took in the fragrance of cranberries and cinnamon sticks, mixed with the smell of citrus and cloves. She was far from a grinch, so her intent wasn’t to steal the joy of the season from others. She just didn’t want them suffocating her with it either.

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