Connections Thursday: The Danjumas

Hey there! Missed last week's episode of #ConnectionsThursday but we're back. So, we've pretty much covered the standalones. Today, I'll be introducing the first family of the U.N Universe, the Danjumas. Four companion books make up the Danjumas plus one cousin book. To know more about the books and the Danjumas, Click here. Because they … Continue reading Connections Thursday: The Danjumas

Sample Sunday: Did I Tell You to Marry Him?

Hey there! Happy Sunday. I'm still on the high of Destiny Fulfilled. Have you read it yet? If you have, please leave a review. I know I sound like a broken record, but reviews help me with exposure. Countless hours and resources go into producing a book. I love it but it is still work. … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Did I Tell You to Marry Him?

Connections Thursday

Hey there! And we're back with another #ConnectionsThursday. So, you see last week, I had an epiphany that I have new followers, so I have decided to go back through my backlist as #ThrowbackThursday but at the same time tell you where they are connected. Today we're following the first couple of the U.N Universe, … Continue reading Connections Thursday