Men At Work: A Team of One

Hey Gals & Guys, Y'all thought I'll miss this? No way, that knuckle head they call my twin, Kammy,  is coming up and I gotta be a part of this.  You heard from my Momsie, from Stone Cold, you also know him as Rasheed, You also heard from my sis in law, Ibiso... now clear … Continue reading Men At Work: A Team of One

A Mother & Her Sons~Obiageli Danjuma

Ha! My people Ndewo nu! How are you all? We've come to the end of our time together o. You'll hear from me again in the book Mended With Love. Releasing Oct 6th. First let me give you a little visual of the family. Today I want to talk about my sons. Umu m oma … Continue reading A Mother & Her Sons~Obiageli Danjuma

#ReintroductionTour: Behind The Smile; Obiageli Danjuma

Ndewo nu! Good day and welcome. I'm so excited but at the same time by heart is sad. Unless by some divine intervention, my family and I will be bidding you farewell after my youngest son's story is released in October. Chai! It has been so great meeting you all and telling our story. Ewo! … Continue reading #ReintroductionTour: Behind The Smile; Obiageli Danjuma