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Men At Work: A Team of One

Hey Gals & Guys,

Y’all thought I’ll miss this? No way, that knuckle head they call my twin, Kammy,  is coming up and I gotta be a part of this.  You heard from my Momsie, from Stone Cold, you also know him as Rasheed, You also heard from my sis in law, Ibiso… now clear the stage it’s my turn.

Unoma says she wanted to me to talk about how my work ethic was influenced by not growing up with a father. That’s simple. It made me rely on myself. Me , myself and I were doing this thing. I wasn’t relying on people or a God who let the people that serve Him suffer.  I know I sounds terrible but for years that was my mindset. Those that have read my story in  Anchored By Love know how the story ends but for years I was really angry. I threw myself into my work and became a team of one.

Before we talk about me, I want to share some practical advantages and disadvantages of working in teams. This can be adopted for those running their business or working a 9 to 5


  1. Two heads are better than one. With more minds you have more ideas. I will also tell you the bad side of this.
  2. You get the necessary support and you are more propelled toward implementation.
  3. Confidence booster. You are able to glean to the stronger qualities of other where you are weaker.


  1. Just as two heads are better than one, too many chefs spoil the soup.For every advantage of working in a team, there is the flip side.  Too many people, too many ideas, and too many “experts” to come to an agreement and achieve a good result.
  2. Close minded People who force their point of views.
  3. While a team has the potential to boost up the individual members, it can also make people feel less than others. And this affects participation.

My advise to those of you that have to work in teams is to use the principles of the Bible to navigate your work environment. Make sure the fruits of the Holy Spirit show in you always

Now back to me and my past. I dared to believe that everything I had done and achieved was by my power of might. I dared to believe that I could single handedly navigate my destiny. But God being God used the thing I loved so much. The thing I know Idolized to cut me down a notch. You wanna know how? You have to read my book. But remember He is the Vine and we are the branches, we’ll only bear fruit when we remain in Him John 15:5.

This is so true, I know 🙂

Jabir Danjuma.

Oh on more things my wife is  on tomorrow. Remember to come by and show her some love.