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3 Things about Perfection…

We only have 28 days until 2017 is over. But as the popular saying goes “It’s not over until it’s over.”  The year is not over, you still have time to achieve or start to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Most of the time we pause the plan because we haven’t gotten that little piece we think we require to make it perfect. Come close let me whisper something to you. You close enough? Okay check this…perfections isn’t the plan…purpose is!!


Mind blowing huh? I’m just kidding. But you do get my drift, right? Consistent steps make the path, no matter how small they are. As you know time waits for none. That was so true this year because I personally don’t remember what happened to the year. Did you feel it too? I looked up and October was gone.

Out of my mess has come my message. The message of confident expectations in Gods word.
My former need to perfect my plan halted the move toward my purpose. God told Jeremiah, go…I’ll tell you what to say… He went.
Here’s the real deal about trying to be perfect.
1. It’s an unattainable fallacy. The only perfect being is Christ.
2. It blocks transparency. People will only connect to what they can relate to. If you’re trying to present a perfect front you will have zero impact. Real impact.
3. It reflects your lack of faith and confidence in God.
Move in spite of what it looks like. On the other side lies the miracle.

I remember when I wanted to start my podcast this year. It had been two years in the making but I kept putting it off because everything was not perfect. Well, my spirit nagged me until I just did it. It ran from February to May. It wasn’t perfect but it served the purpose at that time based on all the great reviews it got. I had to pause it to accommodate my writing deadlines. But now when I pick it back up next year, I know what I wanna change and make better and I’m not scared anymore.

Today I want to encourage you, the year is not over and 2018 is full of potential.

Peace & Blessings


4 Ways to Kill Fear & be a STAR

You were created in God’s image so stop being a punk. Okay chill before you close out of the blog while asking yourself who I think I am, hear me out.

Most of you know my journey to publication, if you don’t read it on the home page. My number one hindrance was FEAR. Don’t be like me. I wasted so much time.

You are not a mistake. God has called us to dominate the earth but how can you dominate if you don’t use the tools He’s given you? Do yo know your gifting but are to scared to move? Let’s address that real quick. From my personal experience this was what I feared and I’m sure some would hold same for you.

• Fear of what people will say
• Fear of not being enough
• Fear of not having provision
• Fear of failure.

Let me address those fears real quick. So we can move on.

• People will talk anyway, so let them talk about you walking in purpose and destiny for God.
• You are enough, God will not ask you to do anything He hasn’t equipped you to do. Remember He qualifies the called.
• If you follow the vision, God will make the provision. I’ve experienced this time and time again.
• What’s the worst that can happen? You learn and try again. Falling down isn’t the issue, staying down is.

The gifts of God are irrevocableRomans 11-29

Now that we got that out of the way let’s address those tools that you were born with (Gifts) are acquired skills (Talents) which are all you need to dominate your part of the earth. You know slay in your passion and walk in purpose, basically BE A STAR.

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace~ 1 Peter 4:10

How do you go about it? First let me warn you it wouldn’t be an easy road so you have to trust God, that through the sowing and the reaping, He wouldn’t lead you astray.

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Remember God gave you those gifts, what you do with them is your gift back to Him.



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Keep Going~ It Takes Work

So there is this dress, job, dream, goal, ambition whatever it is…you get my drift. Some thing you’d do anything to achieve..Well not anything( lol) but work hard. So for simplicity sake I’m going tell you about this dress. I am a lady after all. Follow me here…It’s my high school 20th year reunion. I see this killer dress in the store and I go to get it. Bummer! It’s a size too small. All other stores don’t have my size and I want it. I mean I gotta get. It would look fabulous on me. I have two options, get another dress or work to fit into this one. I want this one so….I decided to work…eat better and exercise should do the trick…right?

Woman running on a treadmill at the gym

I get on the treadmill the first day and I’m like WTW? This is too hard, I have aches in places I never knew existed. I made a decision never to get back on again. Then I see the picture of the dress in my minds eye. Now two days later, I get on the treadmill again and hurt even worse than before. All for a dress? I can’t do this again, I want the dress but why am I hurting so bad?

Answer: I removed my hand from the plow

To fit into the dress, I can’t quit when it gets hard or I get tired. I have to work everyday, when I stop and start again…it is more painful than before because I lost the ground I had already covered.

Everything takes sacrifice and hard work. Nothing good comes easy. Nothing. The reason I hurt more is because I didn’t stick with it. In Luke 9, Jesus talks about the hardships of ministry. There is a cost to your ministry, purpose, dream job, dream dress, whatever you are tying to pursue has a cost and if you want it, you gotta earn it. Luke 9: 62 But Jesus told him, “Anyone who puts a hand to the plow and then looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God. 

It’s the second day in March….March can you believe it? January and February are now in the past and we are in March. 59 days gone and 306 until the end of the year. How has it been for you? Are you on track? Are you staying the course? Did you do what you hoped to do in February? Well I fell short about 25 pages. I didn’t complete revisions for my new novel but I can’t let it go pass this weekend because I’m scheduled to start my novella March 15. I may have fallen short but I’ll keep pressing.

Pressing and perseverance is Key. It is the only way God finds us worthy to unlock our store of blessings. Do not loose faith, remember you can do all things through Christ but you have to keep going…it takes work.

PS: There was no dress…I’m a writer after all.I had to pull you in…LOL For me I’d substitute the dress for my writing ministry, my purpose and what I dream of accomplishing.  Substitute the dress for whatever it is you are trying to achieve, how are you staying motivated?

Be Blessed.


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