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3 Things about Perfection…

We only have 28 days until 2017 is over. But as the popular saying goes "It's not over until it's over."  The year is not over, you still have time to achieve or start to achieve anything you set your mind to. Most of the time we pause the plan because we haven't gotten that… Continue reading 3 Things about Perfection…

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Just A Thought

Driving into work yesterday, I began to ponder on my life just a few short years ago. It amazed me how I have always confessed the name of the Lord but was content on living a life without any drive or passion. You see I was content in going to three places, grocery store, work… Continue reading Just A Thought

The Writing Journey

Born to Write???

Wish I had this advise when I marinated over Chapter One of An Unexpected Blessing for four years. Well my push came a little differently but this article is so on point.
Happy Reading.


Jordan Weiber’s father described seeing his then 1-year old daughter displaying an incredible sense of balance by standing on one leg “like a pelican” as she dressed herself. Gabby Douglas’s mother remembers installing a camera in the toddler’s bedroom to study how she was getting out of the crib. As it turns out, Gabby had perfected a push-up and front-flip move to dismount. These two young ladies, now US Olympic athletes discussed in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, showed exceptional athletic abilities early on.


Reading the athletes’ stories and thinking about my own childhood experiences reminded me that many of us have always known, deep down inside, what we were destined to do (Ephesians 2:10). In my case, we’re talking writing, of course. I remember drawing long squiggles on sheets of paper, taking them to my mom, asking her, “Mom, what does it say?”

She’d reply…

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