3 Quick Ways to Navigate the Dark

It's kinda late for me. Gosh it's almost midnight and I haven't slept. Before you know it it's time to go to the day job. But I had to come in here and get this out to you. You know when the fire burns you can't rest until you put it out. This kinda falls … Continue reading 3 Quick Ways to Navigate the Dark

4th Blogoversary…Coming Full Circle

Yesterday, I was doing a lot of updates on the blog, by the way have you looked around recently? Pretty cool huh? But anyway, during my work, I checked out my comments and realized that my 4th year blogoversary passed a couple of days ago. Can you believe it? I had to think about that … Continue reading 4th Blogoversary…Coming Full Circle

Through The Storm

Hey there. Welcome to the a new week. This is a special one because it is Holy Week. The beginning of Jesus's journey to His death & resurrection. Christ came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. The key to unlocking the abundant blessings we have in store in FAITH. Anything … Continue reading Through The Storm