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One Series. Ten Women. Amazing Testimony.

In pursuit of your passion. On your way to destiny. You sometimes, well more often than not, you gotta fly blind. These are those moments of uncertainty where you have no idea which direction you are supposed to go next. Neither do you know how long the darkness will last. What happens when you pray and you’re moving but nothing is happening?

Starting February, every other Monday, I will feature ten amazing women who have a great testimony to share. How did these ladies survive their flashlight moments when they could only see so far #InTheDark . These are women I admire a lot and when I reached out, they willingly answered my call. I can’t wait for you to know them better.


Through authenticity and transparency we are able to help others #GLOWIntheDark with #ConfidentExpectations in God. I love this quote by Rick Beneteau; It’s rather easy to shine in the light but to glow in the dark…that’s mastery.

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Olympic Inspiration

Hey there! It’s officially back to school season for us here in Atlanta. I wonder where the time went. It has been a fulfilling summer for me as I completed most of the goals I set out for myself.

Were you able to hit those targets in spite of the obstacles you faced? Or did you make yourself keep moving forward in perseverance and with the hope of what lies ahead.

That brings me to this picture that circulated over the weekend. This Nigerian athlete Morolake Akinosun wrote this tweet in 2011 speaking into existence what she wanted and worked hard to achieve it. Now here we are in 2016 it is coming to pass. She is headed to the Olympics in Rio.


I’m sure that between the years she had many, many obstacles. Things that would have made her quit. Yet here she is on her way to the Olympics to represent her country.

We are only confined by the walls we build around ourselves. Keep doing your part and watch God do his. I hope this blesses you. It blessed me tremendously.

Be Blessed


Failure A Necessary Risk

Hey,  Good morning, New week. New Possibilities. At least that’s how I like to look at it.

A mindset of optimism helps you endure against the obstacles you come up against. Overcoming those obstacles are part of the process. No matter how many times you fall down or fail you should pick your self up and try again. Keep {H}aving {O}ptimism that {P}atiently {E}ndures…HOPE.

You must be willing to fail for in your failure, true victory arises.


Drop me a comment let me know what’s on your mind.

Be Blessed.


No Wimps Allowed

It’s April..well I know you know that but my announcement is more because I can’t believe how time has just flown by. The last time I blogged I think was when I was till recovering from my time off. Well, I’m happy to report that I am in full recovery mode.So here is my inspirational post for this Monday.


We are still coming out of the Easter season and today I want to encourage you to be empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit that Christ left us when He ascended into heaven. Today and always remember the power you have in the Holy Spirit.

After the death of Jesus, the disciples were afraid and stayed in that room. They were so scared of what would happen to them. But when the Holy Spirit appeared and they received two things happened.

  1. Fear & doubt disappeared
  2. Their conviction became stronger.

Once we received the Holy Spirit this should be our testimony also. Go forth in the belief that you are heirs to the throne. Approach your day, dreams, passion & purpose without fear and doubt.

Another day, another week, new possibilities and mercy renewed.
Approach His throne boldly. No wimps allowed!

Be Blessed