Who Is Rolling The Stone

Hi there! Today, I have the extreme pleasure of introducing to you a lady I simply call "sis". Her name is Thecla and she is the face, voice and mastermind behind "Ds Favored Woman." Boy does she have a word for you today!! Read and be blessed. Who Is Rolling The Stone.... “And when the … Continue reading Who Is Rolling The Stone

Why You Can’t Say “Later”

Hi there! The weekend is over and we are in a brand new week. A week of possibilities. A new week to do what we didn't do  the week before. Speaking of, what is holding you back? You're waiting on the right circumstances? You're waiting on the exact amount of money? Or perhaps, the perfect … Continue reading Why You Can’t Say “Later”

Containing The Other You

Yes, I did mean self sabotage. Now before you roll your eyes at my audacity, just hear me out...abi read till the end. The dictionary defines sabotage as deliberately damaging or destroying something. So maybe sabotage is a strong word because I don't think we do it to ourselves deliberately but sub consciously. On this … Continue reading Containing The Other You