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Motivation Monday: Hanging On

“Hope is the basis of all action and renewal. Without hope, then inaction and failure follow. The human soul needs hope to function personally, in business and in life”.


Tip: Before you give up. Remember why you started. Do it scared, that’s courage.

Be Blessed & share. Thank you


Motivation Monday: Rattle My Doubts

I wake up in the morning and I look to YOU my God.

Just a quick word of encouragement this morning and as you go through the week. You can have all the faith in the world but if you don’t back it with hopeful expectation what will it have to work with?

Confident expectations allow you to keep putting one foot in front of the other toward the expected end. Hope doesn’t disappoint. The end that will be for your good. After all the Bible does tell us that the plans He has for us are good and not evil.


Be blessed and as I often ask, please share for someone else who needs encouragement.


Motivation Monday:Water the Garden

Good day and praises for another day the Lord has made.

It’s the beginning of another great week. We are speaking it and claiming it. There will be those pesky distractions but turn them around for good
There is surely hope for us and our expectations shall not be cut off. So don’t loose focus on those distractions.


Please share, someone else might need encouragement in the Lord.

Be Blessed


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Light Out of Darkness

Hey there! Just a quick note of encouragement for you…

There’s a Nigerian proverb that says “No matter how long the night, day will still break”
You get that? No matter what the process looks like Trust it. Have the courage to keep moving forward. It’s only through the darkness you can see the stars but no matter how long the night, joy will surely come in the morning. Just hold on.
Have an amazing day!

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Be Blessed