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Flashlight Moments In the Dark Series Presents: Mojisola Obazuaye

We are back with the concluding episodes to Flashlight Moments in the Dark series. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Mojisola Obazuaye or as she by her business name, MojiInTouch.

I first noticed Moji for her fashion style, what kept me interested was her consistency. In fact I think her picture should be next to the word consistency in the dictionary. It amazes me and I simply admire it. However I know that as creatives, there are always times when we “don’t feel like it.” So I reached out to Moji to give us a little insight. I hope you enjoy the interview as I did.

Unoma:  Who is Moji Obazuaye?

Mojisola:  I am a Fashion Buyer, Blogger, Writer & Social Entrepreneur. I am passionate about helping women look well irrespective of their shape, size, age or budget. I also help clients maximise their online presence by using social media. I am an Amazon Bestselling Author of Use What You Have: How to take your potential to fulfll purpose. I am a Wife and a Mother to 2 boys.

Unoma:  In 10 words or less can you create a quote that describes you and your purpose journey?

Moji: “To die empty”

Unoma: What is the driving force in your life?

Moji: For me, it is God first. I am lost without him.

Unoma:  How do you balance family, faith and your passion/business?

Moji: God’s promise is when I seek HIM first, every other thing is added unto me.  I draw my strength and wisdom from God. Aside the God Factor, I have learnt to map out each day, week and month so I can invest my time wisely and be productive.

Copy of G.L.O.W

Unoma: What was the single most devastating experience/challenge in your life and how did you overcome it?

Moji: I have two. One was the untimely death of my Father. He was at the peak of his life when he died. It was God who saw me through this phase and I am grateful for his Love. Secondly, the lose of my job. Through this dark period, God gave me a new vision, hope and directed me to my purpose in life. Through this experience, God has opened so many doors and opportunities I may not have found if I didn’t go through that phase of life.

Unoma:  How do you build confident expectations in your dark moments?

Moji: One of the things I do is get on my knees….. In prayers, I see God move. Other way is that I write (journal) my thoughts, prayers, desires, challenges and victories down as a reminder and assurance of God’s promises.

Unoma: How does your understanding of the future give you hope for the present?

Moji: Even though we can not see the future, my hope is tied to Jesus Christ. All my expectations through him will never be cut short.

Unoma: What does it look like practically for you to “turn to the cross” in your business/ministry.

Moji: There is no other way for me than to turn to the cross, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Unoma: What advice would you give your younger self?

Moji: “Live a little”

Unoma: What can we look forward to from you this year? OR What are you working on?

Moji: 1, I am getting my Masters in Fashion Buying and Management, this is on the top of my goal list this year.

2, I am also working on going on a book tour for my book, “Use What You Have”.

3, I am currently working on mentorship for young adults to be “who they want to be.”

I hope you enjoyed this time we spent with Mojisola. Here is where you can find her.


Mojisola Obazuaye is a Stylist, Blogger, YouTube Creator + Amazon Best Selling Author of “Use What You Have.” She is a passionate believer that everyone must find and fulfill their purpose in life. Out of her passion, she created the Moj In Touch blog. She spends her time blogging at www.mojintouch.com, does PR outreach for brands to create digital contents and campaign to maximise their online presence and serves as Image “Coach” to several clients from all walks of life.


Site: http://www.mojintouch.com/

Email: mojintouch@gmail.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/mojintouch

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mojintouch

Instagram |  Twitter @ Mojintouch

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Flashlight Moments In the Dark Presents: Abimbola Dare

Peace and blessings be with you at the start of this new week. You aren’t reading wrong, I have decided to move the Flashlight Moments in the Dark series to Mondays. That way you can get the full experience of the Anchor Talk Podcast on Tuesdays.

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Abimbola Dare. She isn’t a stranger to the blog so I won’t go into any long intro so we can get to the juiciness of her interview. Reading and preparing it for you was one big “wow fest” for me. The reason is that our stories to purpose is kinda similar. Pain and hopelessness pushed me into mine via my hubby.Chaos pushed her into hers.

There is something about our storms that have a way of turning things around. But as I say on this blog all the time, we can’t give up in the midst of it. We gotta hold on by having #confidentexpectations in the All Knowing God. Without further talk, let’s enjoy Abimbola(who I fondly call”Bims) Dare’s interview.

Unoma: Who is Abimbola Dare?
Abimbola: First, I am a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ, a writer and author of two books ( plus a few short stories and other unpublished works). I am married to a kind, wonderful man, a mother of beautiful children and an IT professional in the publishing industry (a job I love). I am also an anointed speaker of God’s word, and a playwright. I wear many hats by God’s grace- and grateful for them all.
Unoma:  In 10 words or less can you create a quote that describes you and your purpose journey?
Abimbola: Sharing God’s love, one story at a time…
Unoma: What is the driving force in your life?
Abimbola: The Holy Spirit; the desire to fulfill destiny, and knowing that other destinies are tied to mine.
Unoma: How do you balance family, faith and your passion/business?
Abimbola: I try to juggle everything and take each day as it comes. I outsource some of my house hold chores where I can, and ask my husband to help when it gets overwhelming. My children are getting older and are starting to understand when mummy needs to write, and so leave me alone for like 15 minutes before they come badgering back! I try to write every spare moment which often includes train rides to work, or during my lunch break. I write when I can and try not to stress when I can’t.
Unoma: What was the single most devastating experience/challenge in your life and how did you overcome it?
Abimbola: I went through an experience in 2009 that is still tough to talk about. It was a time changed my life and shook my faith to my core. It was a time of loss, of disappointing news, of hopes crushed. It was a time when I was convinced that God did not love me anymore, a time when I questioned God’s faithfulness, his ability to save, but the precious Holy Spirit kept on assuring me and whispering words of love to my soul. But for the Holy Spirit, I would have turned my back on my faith… but God did not let me go! I overcame it by choosing to trust God, regardless and by leaning on the Holy Spirit. It’s amazing how God works because that experience led me to find my purpose … through the pain. It was in the chaos of that period, God called me to write for Him.

Unoma: How do you build confident expectations in your dark moments?
Abimbola: I try to press on, holding unto Jesus even when it feels like He isn’t there. I talk to myself in the mirror, remind myself that I am special. That God loves me. That I have a calling, a purpose, a destiny. Sometimes I have to repeat this to myself many, many times before my confidence is restored.
Unoma: How does your understanding of the future give you hope for the present?
Abimbola: I know that I was created for a purpose. I know that I am light, and that I will shine. I believe that God has a plan for me, one of good and so that helps me hold my head up and press on even when things don’t seem to work out the way I want them to.
Unoma: What does it look like practically for you to “turn to the cross” in your business/ministry.
Abimbola: In my writing, when I am unsure of what to do with a story or when I face writer’s block or when I am uninspired to write) I have sometimes fasted, prayed, and deliberately waited on God for direction. Sometimes I lie on the floor in my bedroom and just stay there, saying nothing. The prayer is a cry from the depth of my soul for God to give my story a direction.
Unoma: What advice would you give your younger self?
Abimbola: Be fearless. Don’t worry. God will not fail. Be consistent. Try again.
Unoma: What can we look forward to from you this year?
Abimbola: I am working on releasing two novels by God’s grace- one which will be traditionally published (and is currently being edited by the publishing firm). The second novel is now being featured on my website as a blog series titled The Accidental Wife. The aim is to run that for as long as I can before I get it out into a novel.


You can read the first two episodes of The Accidental Wife here


Abimbola Dare started writing in 2006 as Bimbylads, the blogger. When she took a break from blogging to start a family in 2009, God called her to write Christian fiction. Her first novel, The Small Print, was released in 2011-which became a top 40 Kindle Bestseller. In 2013, her second novel, When Broken Chords Sing also reached the number 1 spot in its category. In 2012, she wrote a short story titled The No-Nonsense Wife which became an internet sensation and was made into a short film. She is a gifted speaker of the Word, a wife and a mother. She is currently working on her 3rd & 4th novels, a play script ( stage) and a screen play. The novels are due to be published later this year.

Contact: abimboladare1@gmail.com
Instagram: @abimboladareauthor

I hope you enjoyed this interview and found something in it that resonated with you.

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Anchor Talk is Here! Episode 1

It’s hers finally and I am so excited!! Anchor Talk launches today!!

I have been talking about starting a Podcast since the idea to write my first non fiction book took root. My book In the Dark: Confident Expectations for Today and Tommorrow is the bedrock for this podcast and my ministry.

The purpose journey of life is not a sprint but a marathon. During life’s journey of purpose you are bound to be met with various obstacles. My passion is to champion you through the uncertainty, the discomfort, the pain and fear especially when you have no idea what God’s end game is.

In this episode, you’ll be able to listen to the story behind this theme, share in the story of the Bible’s most prominent ship wreck and leave equipped with Anchor Scripture to keep you steady until we talk again.

I intended “Anchor Talk “to be an intimate conversation between you and me. A place where our vulnerabilities, insecurities and everlasting hope in God lay bare.

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3 Areas To Focus Confidence Journaling

Hey there!

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Detola Amure yesterday. If you didn’t read it you have to check it out here.

Today we’re talking about the 3 ways in which we can journal and intentionally focus our thoughts in confidence. The Light Pearls In The Dark : Confident Expectations Journal is a 40 day Journal. You could use it in one area for the 40 days or you could divide it up into different chunks. Today we’ll focus on using it in 15 day chunks by focusing on the 3 main areas below;


  1. Faith: When we lose confidence in God, we become easily swayed by our environment and this can lead us down a path that wasn’t intended for us from the beginning. Mainly into sin. Writing down your thoughts can help you see clearly where you need the help of the Holy Spirit and hone in on that area. Intentional focus on hope and the belief that all our trust placed in HIM will lead to a favorable end.
  2. Family: Write down areas in your family life in which you are expecting a move of God. Remember to be specific in your prayers. If you are married, for your husband and children should be your focus and extended family. If not then your nuclear and extended family. Remember, His word will not return void.
  3. Talents: I have “preached”on this blog many times on the importance of having confidence in the gifts God has given you and using them to hone your talents/passion for His purpose. Are you hesitant on using them out of a lack of confidence? Pray for courage. Just for you, I have attached my talk on Sound Cloud on Confidence In Your Gifts.

These are my recommendations. Tell me some of the things you need to journal intentionally for confidence in?

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