Those Danjumas…Kammy is Bae

The response to Mended With Love has been nothing short of amazing. I had so much fun penning the novel that I'm glad the readers loved it. If you haven't met the Danjumas what are you waiting on. Check through this blog and meet the brothers, Meanwhile let me share a partial review of the … Continue reading Those Danjumas…Kammy is Bae

A Sitdown With Rasheed & Ibiso Danjuma

So we've come to the end of the week, I hope you've enjoyed being reacquainted( or meeting) with Rasheed & Ibiso. Anyway, I found this little piece from a sit down I had with these two. It was right after Jabir's wedding. I cornered them and we had a small chat. You know Rasheed is not … Continue reading A Sitdown With Rasheed & Ibiso Danjuma

The Danjumas Are Baaaaccck!

Hello Everyone, I've been MIA but you know that when I go MIA from here, I'm deep in the trenches of the writing cave. Well I was 🙂  and I am proud to say that book 9 is done and it is... drumroll please... It is book 3 and the finale of the Sons of … Continue reading The Danjumas Are Baaaaccck!