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Where Is Your Focus?

I haven't posted my inspirational quotes for a bad. I tell you, I've been busy. But I'm back at it and on Mondays, I will be publishing blogs that will give you that much needed boost. Acquire wisdom and in all your acquiring gain understanding. Focusing on non important factors can derail you fast.… Continue reading Where Is Your Focus?

My Musings

How to Combat Long Seasons of Wait.

Today, I'd like to share a snippet from Chapter 1 of In the Dark. Aptly titled My Jonah Moment, . "While in the vineyard, long periods of wait created a constant struggle between having Jesus in my heart and the enemy's voice attacking my mind. Fear, doubt, despair, unforgiveness even anger at God. Why didn't… Continue reading How to Combat Long Seasons of Wait.

Bookish Stuff

It’s Here! In The Dark is Now Available

Hey My people! It's that time again. Today, I release my 8th book into the world. For any author, publication day is often day of apprehension. No matter how many books they've written, it's something about releasing another book that has an author on pins and needles. At least to some degree. For me today… Continue reading It’s Here! In The Dark is Now Available