#GoodReadFriday :Hope & My Fiction Ep.4

Happy Friday! Or should I say Fri-yay! As always let's give thanks to God for letting us see another weekend. As you know it is time for another edition of Hope & My Fiction. Today I'll be introducing you to Ayanti better known as Yanni (an embattled pop star) & Pastor Mensah. Did you catch … Continue reading #GoodReadFriday :Hope & My Fiction Ep.4

Friday Sneak Peek: The Final Ultimatum

TGIF!! Have you read my 2013, Christmas novelette titled The Christmas Ultimatum? If you haven't you can get it for $1.99 here It's a really quick read. Well it introduces the characters of Olanma Obinze and Abayomi Rice. At the end of The Christmas Ultimatum, they were married. The Final Ultimatum would be my 7th book and … Continue reading Friday Sneak Peek: The Final Ultimatum

I’m Back…Well Kind Of

Hey there! Welcome to a new month. I've been MIA kind of but for a good reason. I had to have surgery on my left hand and that basically left me unable to do anything with it. Including typing out a blog post. Hence the caption I'm back...well kind of. I'm still unable to do … Continue reading I’m Back…Well Kind Of