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What Did I Expect?

breaktheroutineHi there!

So I’m back to my home base. How has everyone been? Initially I was going to write a post about my trip but I had a conversation yesterday and I think I would write about that instead. I’ll still tell you what went on back home (Nigeria) in a latter post but this is important, at least I hope it helps someone.

So after weeks of waking up and being driven around from one radio station to another promoting the movie Tempting Fate, doing television interviews about the movie and my books, seeing family members, trying to write a little, I finally land back in Atlanta feeling like my “normal” life stopped and I stepped into someone else’s. I seriously want my “normal” life back.

And so in a conversation with my editor, I began to whine… “ugh..I can’t get back into the novel yet” ” I just want my normal routine back” “ugh I can’t wait to get back into my flow.” She stops me and asks…”Do you really want to go back to normal?” I quickly answer “No” without really thinking about it and we get back into a previous conversation. But later, I though about it…

That was so ungrateful of me to dare whine when God had answered the very prayer my husband and I had been praying about for the past two years… a  successful premiere and reception of our movie in Nigeria!!

It wasn’t a conscious attempt to be ungrateful but it was still ungrateful all the same. I had to repent immediately asking God for forgiveness and I’ve started adjusting to my “new normal”. Change my routine around a little to adjust to the notoriety of being known as the producer of the movie, in addition to my writing and mummy schedule. What did I expect would happen? That I would go to some mediocre ceremony and come back to my comfortable life?

Ephesians 3:20 says He will do exceedingly above all we hope or can imagine. We say this verse but are we ready for His “exceedingly”  My God did more than I can imagine. When I stepped out of that limo and all those camera lights flashed…I couldn’t believe it. The reception of the movie still blows my mind. But what did I expect? I guess that’s why the Word says He will do more than we can imagine.

I write all this to say…when you’re grinding in your purpose, be prepared to do whatever adjusting is necessary when the need calls for it. Wake up with an expectation of abundance(not necessarily money) and more importantly, be ready and open to receive. Pay attention to the prayers God has answered so as not to miss the chance to give thanks.

So, I’ve buckled down, unpacked, gotten my house together, prepared the kids for the school year, whipped out my new short story, then on to tidying up my fifth novel so I can start on the sixth one.

The less routine, the more life~ Amos Alcott

Have you ever been unconsciously ungrateful? Tell me I’m not alone…

Be Blessed


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Giving Thanks for My Readers


Thank you for giving me a chance. Thank you for reading and sharing my work.Thank you for your reviews. Thank you for your likes, comments and shares on Facebook. Thank you for your tweets, favorites and retweets on Twitter. Thank you for your words of encouragement.Thank you for your emails and comments on my blog. Thank you for being a part of this ride. I am living on purpose and thankful that you are sharing this journey with me.

Without you, my books will just be another on the proverbial shelf. May God bless you and all that concerns you. Once again Thank you!

Gratitude is the Key

faith-oswald-chambers-550x320SUNDAY WORD: Didn’t make it to church today but logged on to watch Bishop Jakes speak. Although I was late,but I think I got there just in time. He was preaching about something we all struggle with from time to time…Faith. I don’t think we consciously want to not have faith or believe, but under pressure we often find out selves struggling to hold on. At least I do, especially when one thing after the other pops up. It is said that when it rains it pours right?
Anyway the book of Luke tells the story about the Centurion’s servant that Christ just had to speak a word and he was healed. When the Centurion made his case for requesting Christ presence in the most humbling faithful manner, Luke 7: 9 tells us ” When Jesus heard this, he was amazed at him, and turning to the crowd following him, he said, “I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel.”
Remember Isreal is supposed to be God’s own people. The other instance in the bible when Jesus talked of such faith was with the Syrophoenician woman in Mark 7.
So then the key is faith. The key to everything is faith without an atom of doubt. The question now is, how do we maintain our faith no matter what? How do we shame the devil when all he wants is for us to give up?
I got it….GRATITUDE. The bibles says in all things GIVE THANKS!
Gratitude to God. Our attitude in the good and the bad unlocks the potency of God’s power. Plain and Simple.
After all Faith is the not believing things will work out BUT our attitude while we wait.
Did you also notice that those of greatest faith weren’t those in the church. I’m not saying that those in the church don’t have faith, just that sometimes those not so close to a situation( church pple) appreciate it the most.
Be Blessed