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#GoodReadFriday: Hope & My Fiction Ep.1

Hope is a reoccurring theme on this blog and my books. If you want to know why read this post I did a while ago There’s A Reason .My fictional characters have in one way or another let go of what they know to be true because of something that happened to them or those they love.

Over the course of my journey, I’ve had new following which I’m thankful for so I decided to feature my books as a reminder that you can escape into the the beautiful world of fiction and be edified as you relate with the story. During the course of the tale, they regain hope in the one true God. They are able to glow In The Dark by building back their confident expectations in the promises of God.

Sons of Ishmael: The Danjumas


In this series, you get to delve into the lives of two brothers who lost hope because of the actions of their father and consequence of that action for them and their mother. They held on to their convictions until they met two women who shifted their perspective through faith and romance.

In book 1, A Scoop of Love, heir to the Danjuma empire, Rasheed is forced to confront past hurts and deal with the head strong caterer, Ibiso who is determined to have him check his baggage at the door. Will their love stand a chance?
In book 2, Anchored By Love, One night took Jabir & Damisi back to the very beginning, where they are forced to face old scars. They thought they were done but neither was prepared for what fate had in store.

The Sons of Ishmael Series
Available in Print/Kindle/Nook/Kobo

Just like Rasheed & Jabir were able to glow in their dark place, we are called to do the same. Don’t forget to preorder your copy of my new book In The Dark. With undisguised testimony, tips and tricks, In The Dark will guide you through those times when you wonder what the end game really is.




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#GoodReadsFriday: Practice What You Praise By Candice Y. Johnson

This is a new author to be but the story synopsis is so juicy. Well before you really get to check out exceprts and stuff read this quest post from the lovely Candice Y. Johnson

Your CHEERS Await!

Dumb. Stupid.

Unworthy. Embarrassing.

… not good enough.

You are so much stronger than you think!

So I am not Iyanla, and the only somebody who can truly fix a life is Jesus! But, as a woman whose heart knows the beat of feeling insignificant for the better part of my years – if I see the opportunity to knock the snot out of negativity, I’ve got the tissues ready to catch it!

Too often, the one holding us back from making a second date with success is our own self. In the past, no matter how my support system would try to filter positive encouragement into my spirit, I would internalize those not-so-pretty adjectives the enemy would try to conquer them with. It would wear me down until I was completely broken. But the great thing about broken pieces is, sometimes they can be put back together.

Today I challenge you, Dear Reader: Do not let your own words destroy you! We have to watch what comes out of our mouths, because the Word of God declares our words have power (“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” (Proverbs 18:21 KJV)

I encourage you to edit your own life story. DELETE dream-threatening words/phrases from your vocabulary – can’t, won’t, how, no way, impossible, why would, why me. These words are all counterproductive to creative peace. Get rid of them and proceed with confidence. Counter self-deprecating tags you put on yourself with positive reinforcement.

“I don’t know how” evolves into “I’ll learn.” “I can’t” becomes “I will.” “I don’t have the funds or resources” reminds us that God will provide. (“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Jesus Christ.” Philippians 4:19 KJV)

Don’t play possum to circumstances. So often, we convince ourselves that we have so many haters, detractors, or folk who are just not for us. Truth is, Heaven has an entire cheering section celebrating our success before we can see the finish line! Today, write your own appreciation, sing of your own triumph, and dance to a beat that only you can make!

Sometimes, we let our own limited perception of who we think we are define us, but take a closer look, lean forward and LISTEN.

Hear that?

It’s your background music.

Let it play as you star in your own life!

It’s good right? Now let me introduce her work to you…

A teen mother, a praise dance team … who gives whom the right to praise?

Pregnant and unwed, Jojo was quickly dismissed from the church’s praise team, though the baby’s father (a choir musician) remained in his position thanks to his familial ties at church. Two years later, Jojo believes she’s paid the price for her choices and wants her spot back–after all, anyone who has ever seen her dance knows that she’s anointed to praise Him in the dance. But how long must one “sit down” before being reinstated? Isn’t a repentant heart and a humbled spirit enough?

Pastor Trigg wants to lead the church in the right direction, but the congregation seems quite divided about how to move forward with letting Jojo–who is still in high school–dance in the sanctuary. Will allowing her to dance set a bad precedent? Can the members forgive and forget? While trying to sort through what’s best for the church, his personal life seems to be a total bust. Will he ever find true love?

This debut work deals with a sensitive topic while maintaining a uniquely humorous point of view. Jojo will have you laughing out loud and make you while the story line begs the question: Who gives whom the right to praise?

Excerpt (Chapter 1): Download here
Youtube Preview Video: http://youtu.be/ijGdFIB7xfg

Buy Link Amazon

About the Author

Candice Y. Johnson is a choreographer, dancer, indie actress, speaker, author and freelance writer who has rested her head on a pillow in Dallas, Texas for most of her life. Known for her dynamic choreography as the artistic director of the award-winning Ordered Steps Productions dance company, Candice has garnered more social media support for her original, creative, energetic writing style than her not-so-veiled obsession with Tabasco Sauce! Her work has been featured in the Associated Press, the Dallas Morning News, TV Guide, Curly Nikki, Mahogany Curls, her own blog – The Frizzness, and so much more! Currently, she’s using her left-handed brainpower to pour into the next chapter of the Practice What You Praise novel series!

When not enjoying the occasional fleeting moment at home with her hubby, this dance ministry coach and encourager moves to her own invisible beat, and is dancing from her keyboard straight to the heart of the people!

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Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/candiceyjohnsonauthor
Twitter: @iamworship7
Instagram: naturaldancer

Author contact information: ordered.steps@yahoo.com