In Transition

I had my to-do list all laid out. It was a mile long but loved it...why? Because its what I loved doing. Writing, promos for my book An Unexpected Blessing and all the other things I get into once I sit down with my laptop. Just when I had tweeted my last tweet and was ready to … Continue reading In Transition

My God Pass Am

Y'all know I have been doing too much lately.  Kids are back to school, hubby is on location shooting a movie( more about that later), working and still trying to get the first draft to my second novel finished. My daughter has been having the sniffles and I should have known that with me running … Continue reading My God Pass Am

How far did you go?

Today, officially marks the countdown till the end of the year.So many things to be thankful for and so many things to be expectant for. How far did you go in achieving your goals? God made the heaven & earth in six days and rested on the seventh. The next day, the EIGHTH day was … Continue reading How far did you go?