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January Wrap Up


It’s February. Yep, already we are 32 days into 2015 with 333 days left. Did you set some goals for yourself? Where you able to accomplish them?

Let’s take a refresher on what goals are. Number one, they cannot be random. Number two, they are the means toward a desired end. As I like to say, there has to be “a method to the madness.” Our desired end should be the fulfillment of  purpose…the reason we were created.

“Life without specific, measurable objectives is vague and haphazard”~ Dr. Myles Munroe.

My writing ministry is my purpose, so my goals are set around writing.

In January, I set a goal of 1500 words a day to complete the first draft of my WIP. My WIP is the second book in the Sons Of Ishmael series, titled Anchored By Love. (For full disclosure it was already at 20,000 before the year started.) Did I do it? Well I’m glad to say I did. They way I have my writing goals set out, if I didn’t I would be so behind.

1500 might seem like a small number but the key to achieving your goals are setting up S M A R T ones. They have to be Specific-Complete my first draft.

Measurable- Write 1500 words a day. At then end of each writing session, I did a word count to make sure I meet the goal.

Attainable & Realistic- I normally do 3000 words and upwards, but January is a really busy month for me at my day job. Therefore anything more wouldn’t have been attainable or realistic.

Timely- I had the date of before Jan 29th.

Why the 29th? LOL..Those that follow me know I’m a huge fan of the TV show Scandal, so my time frame was before the 29th when the show came back on after a 10 week hiatus.

Your dreams should be big but the goals you set aside to attain them shouldn’t be too outlandish or nothing would get done.

The point is that, time waits for no one. So if there is anything you want to do, there is no time like the present. Get a game plan together and work your plan. For whatever you want to achieve, the talent & gift has already been placed on the inside of you. All you need to do is to tap into it.

For this month, my writing goal is to finish revising my WIP and finish the first draft of the sequel to my Christmas novella by the February 28th. Also I plan to study the Book of Romans again.

Did you achieve your January goals? What are your goals for February? What are the plans/actions steps you plan to use to achieve them? Please drop me a comment let’s share



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Confident Expectations: From Seed to Tree

confident expectation

Hey there! This is now the second week of January, how is it going? Hope you’ve been working diligently on any goals you set up for yourselves. I have, I will release the first book of the year Jan 30 and I’m currently working on two manuscripts.

At the beginning of the year or maybe it was last year, I talked about doing blog posts on Confident Expectations this year. So this is going to be the first one in that series. Just for recap, I’d like to say that hope is something that is the main point of my ministry. There is this saying that goes from your pain becomes your purpose. well for me that is so true.

Years ago I was at a state of hopelessness. I mean I was really frustrated that things I towards what I thought was my purpose wasn’t gaining any traction. It was so easy to give up on things that I started because I didn’t see results of my labor. I’m not going to bore you with the whole life changing event story again so I can get into this message.

When I talk about Confident Expectations, I’m going to make the assumption that you are already walking in your purpose. If you don’t know what that is…begin today to find out. My soul sis Nigeria Lockley has a great series called Pathway to Your Passion to help you find out.

I’m here to encourage you on being confident in your expectations while you are working on that purpose. It is easy to become distracted and fed up, especially when you “see” others around you moving ahead or doing what you think you “should” be doing. The word I want to give you is faithfulness and perseverance…the Bible tells us on Gal 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. We all quote this, but the fact is that the flesh can get in the way sometimes and we do become weary.

Be encouraged today that there are three stages in your Destiny  or Purpose walk…I listened to a message by Bishop T D Jakes and he put it so aptly and I’d like to share it with you. Navigating through these stages is like going from planting a seed and becoming a full grown beautiful tree.


Rehearsal Stage: This is when we recognize that we have found our purpose. Our passion wakes us up in the morning, allows up to endure pain/obstacles in order to go what God has called us to do. Just like rehearsal for a play, this is when we are in the nitty gritty stage. Nobody is there to clap for our performance…we are grinding and working hard. But it’s here when we cal often want to give up as well. For me, I stayed in this stage a long time, because I wasn’t faithful to the process…I get moving from one thing to another.

Recital Stage: Now here you have an audience, however the audience might not be on the scale you want to be. Let me use what I do for instance…write. I have readers, great readers but my stage is different from Stephen King’s stage. However the Bible tells us that if you are faithful over a little He will make you ruler over many. So my job is to excel at the stage of my current process. Keep doing ME!!!! We miss this too often. Stop comparing your chapter 1 with someones chapter 20. You can’t share in their glory until you know their story. You have no idea what it took to get there….so just keep doing you. Once you have mastered this God will move you to the grand stage

Orchestra Stage: Here, you’re now in the playing field you have already envision you’d be. You’re surrounded with other people in the kingdom of God trying to advance the greater purpose. Here you have to know how to get along with people allow others to shine, celebrate each other. Play nice…

The key here is that to move from one stage to the next you have to be faithful and have confident expectations that everything you put in will come back to you. And that God will answer those prayers but remember it will be according to your faith and the amount of work you put in.

Despise not the days of humble beginning…

Be Blessed


2015 My Writing


Did you make or write any resolutions down? You know those promises we make to ourselves that become a distant memory by the time February rolls around. LOL. I never did resolutions, truth be told I never even did goals until I became intentional about walking in my purpose. But now that I think of it, why do we put our hope in a failed system (resolutions).

Writing is my passion, my books are my platform and my purpose is to spread the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus. For those of you who are not familiar with my books or writings, a common theme that flows through them is hope, grace, reconciliation and surrender to His will.

So in order to make sure I am doing what I’ve been called to do I have to set goals, actions that would be the road map to a pre-determined end. That end is to hear Him say “Well done.” In reading In Pursuit of Purpose by the late Dr. Myles Munroe…I’ve been enlightened that goals should “create your priorities, determine your decisions, dictate companions and predict your choices” So everything I do should be centered around my purpose and mission.

I’m not a vision board kinda girl…well maybe I’d be if I had the patience to cut out pictures and stuff. I’m more like a writing the vision down kinda girl. I strongly believe in Habukkuk 2:2…write the vision down, make it plain…so I always write down my goals in writing and other areas of my life.

I’ll share the writing goals but for good measure I’ll also share some other aspects of your life where goals are important.

1. Spiritual Goals

2. Personal Goals( About YOU)

3. Family Goals

4. Business Goals( Writing for me)

This is what I plan to do but I firmly stand on Proverbs 16:9 “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”

1. Publish A Scoop of Love (Book 1 Sons of Ishmael)

2. Write Anchored By Love( Book 2 Sons of Ishmael)

3. Write Unamed novella

4. Begin work on a collaboration project.

In everything I do, my prayer is that there is less of me and more of Him because to Him belongs all GLORY!!!

Share what you have planned this year?



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Autumn~ The Year’s Last Loveliest smile : An Update.

usb It’s Fall!! My favorite time of the year.In the beginning of the year I set some writing goals for myself. Specific, Measurable, Attainable,Realistic & Time specific. It’s important for us to set those kind of goals so that we don’t end up setting expectations that are too high or run the risk of just wandering through our plan without a focus.

If you want to see what they were you can check the post out 2014 Writing Goals. So let’s take a look,

Reading: You know the popular Stephen King quote…if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the tools you need to write. Reading is like fuel for any writer. I’m doing well on my Goodreads reading challenge. I’m at  61% of my goal.  I got to try some new authors and genres I won’t normally read. You can check me out on Goodreads. Did you sign up for the challenge? How are you doing?

Writing: One of my favorite Bible verses is Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans… so in as much as I had my plans and worked hard to achieve them I left room to adjust to His grand design. After all everything I do is  for His glory.Well I think I delivered on what I promised….almost.

1. I released When You Let Go in May (formerly titled Amarachi). It’s doing really well. I’m thankful to my reader & supporters.

2. I’ll release the first book in the Sons Of Ishmael series, A Scoop Of Love on Dec 3rd.

3. In lieu of the holiday story I wrote some short stories, you can read them in the My Shorts category.

If I had a USB connected to my head I would have been able to churn out a lot more…LOL. It’s hard walking around with all these ideas, every character is vying for attention, but in due time..everything in order. Currently I’m working of book two of the Ishmael series titled Anchored By Love.

However I didn’t do any events.  I spent that time on a family vacation and the premiere of my company’s first feature film. As well as being a wife, mummy and having a full time job.

I say all this not to brag in anyway but to give God the glory and encourage you that you can do anything, absolutely  anything you set your mind to. Just stay connected to your creator and plan accordingly but most important of all be flexible to His will. Celebrate the small things, keep the faith, hold on to hope while relying on the grace of God. Paul said it best…but by the grace of God. I am what I am.

Next time I’ll share a character interview for my current heroine and the writing process I use.

How did you do on your goals? Did you remember to celebrate your smallest accomplishments? How to do you stay connected to God in this world of ‘busy’? Please share in the comments.



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