Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

All Back To School preparations done. Now that the kids are now in their second week of in person learning.(I'm feverently praying things keep sailing smoothly), I can pick my manuscript back up. I'm still looking for the perfect stock for a cover but I can share with you an unedited sample from #DestinyFulfilled. I'm … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

Sample Sunday: Good Food +Rest

Hey there! For sample Sunday, I decided to share a recipe. One Sunday morning, Isoken woke up to make a plantain frittata and rest. She had a big week coming up. But comes Tekena. LOL. No, I'm not sharing what happened...just the recipe for this simple Nigerian breakfast. Image from Google. No rights to … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Good Food +Rest

Sample Sunday: She Wished She Didn’t Possess A Heart

Hey, welcome to another Sample Sunday. Today, we're going to visit my book To Live Again. I loved writing Itohan & Osaro's story. To read more about the book click here. Now though, we're going to visit a scene from a typical Sunday morning from a still bitter Itohan. Sunday morning, Itohan used her spatula … Continue reading Sample Sunday: She Wished She Didn’t Possess A Heart