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Are You Watching This Mess? Well Don’t Fret.

Last night, I like most Americans, maybe most of the world, watched in awe at the freak show called the American Presidential debate.As a Nigerian American, I want to extend my personal apology to the world. “We’re sorry & embarrassed too.”


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Who I support is no secret #ImWithHer however, it is painful to see how low this process has gotten and how my candidate has had to stoop low despite the struggle to stay high. I’m not going to debate either candidates worthiness in this post. What I do want to address though is our Christian response.

I stopped watching any news coverage about the process about 2 months ago. I only tune into the news for the debate. After that I turn it off. I do this because simply #ICant. Plain and simple. We are told to guard our hearts, Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it~ Proverbs 4:23. To watch the bickering and insults and media sensationalization and endless rhetoric would get me to cussing and quite frankly ain’t nobody got time for that.

Some would say, how can I not care? Don’t I know that the outcome of this election will affect everything? This is my answer for them and I hope other Christians have the same point of view. No it doesn’t? Why?

First we’re in this world but not of it. We were sent here for a purpose and one purpose only, to advance the Kingdom of God. Therefore you should stand apart, what does or doesn’t happen here shouldn’t be life giving or life ending because your confidence is in Him. Your hope and expectations should lie in GOD ALONE. It’s a mindset thing. You have to have it, to survive the things that plague us in the physical. Check out my #FREE guide that helps you move from a  Motivation to Transformation mindset.

Second, these are end times. The Bible predicted it in Revelation. Now I’m not saying the world is ending tomorrow. What I am saying is this present happenings shouldn’t come as a surprise. So we need to be worrying about doing what God sent us to do. Reach as many people for the Kingdom as we can. How do you do that? Share the gospel, walk into your destiny for His glorification. Remember when God had the nation of Judah stay in Babylon? He told them while they were there to “Seek the shalom of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the LORD for it; for in the shalom of it shall you have shalom.”~ Jeremiah 29:7

We are in Babylon take heed. Please do your civic duty and VOTE. But you see this mess? Don’t fret!



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