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5 Reasons I Regret My Journaling Mistake.

Growing up and being the only girl and kinda of a loner, writing was(and still is) my get away. Throughout my teen to early adult years, I would buy a fancy notebook every year and I will write in it everyday. It was more than a diary, because it wasn’t a “I did this today, I did that today.” It was my pouring out my thoughts on life, relationships, dreams,spirituality and just talking to God.I had more than 10 of those notebooks. One thing I did which I regret is that I never opened it after the year ended. In fact I destroyed them on the last day of each year.

I guess I did that for a number of reasons, a lot of hurt feelings and wounds I never wanted to re read or carry into the new year. As far as I was concerned, it was over, I learnt and move one. That was my one regret because, re reading them would’ve allowed me to see how much I had grown. Hey I was a teenager what did I know right?

Who knew that I was journaling and it would become a “thing.” Writing things down as you envision them is a very powerful exercise in being intentional. Habakkuk 2 tells us that exact thing. To write the vision down.


Here are 5 reason you should journal and subsequently 5 more reasons I regret destroying my old journals. But again, I was a teenager/young adult 🙂

• Help you track brilliant ideas: You can do this with your smartphone but nothing is more invigorating than seeing your ideas on pen and paper. Or is it just me?
• Helps you track past victories: Keeping track of what has gone well in your life, personal or business helps you push forward on days when things don’t go so great.
• Makes you more self-aware: You are able to control the thoughts you let control you.
• Helps you maintain an attitude of gratitude: As you write, you have a chance to see the good things that have happened to you and be grateful.
• Saves relationships: Funny this is my favorite. Instead of speaking the words, I vent on paper, then I’m able to collect my thoughts and lace my words with grace. It’s stress relieving. Try it.

As a writer, I always have a notebook and a couple of pens with me for book & business ideas. I also have a prayer journal where I write down promises of God so that I remember them when the enemy strikes…because we all know he will.Especially In The Dark places of our life, he will try to shake our confident expectations in God’s promises.


When writing In The Dark, I decided to create a journal focusing on confident expectations. This 40 day confident expectations journal, titled Light Pearls In The Dark (which is now available  for preorder) contains targeted scripture and songs of praise and worship to keep your mind anchored on God’s promises through your wilderness season.

Do you journal? I’d like to know how it has helped you.



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A Blank Slate: Clarity Vs Trust

Happy New Year again!

No matter how you brought in the new year, whether on your couch like me and my family or in the church or out on the town. At one point or the other, you probably  thought about what the future holds.

I never do resolutions because first off I never keep them past the third day of the year but more than that they are a compete wast of paper for me. LOL. I’m still me just with different goals. So I like to set goals instead. What I have found out is, whether you set goals or resolutions, behind them, there’s that question again… “What does the future hold?” Will life get in the way of you accomplishing what you want or will everything be smooth sailing.

Ha! Now we know it can’t be smooth sailing but at least something close. In the midst of those bumps along the road, we often pray for clarity. “God please just  show me how I’m supposed to do this thing so I can stay on course.” But is clarity always the best? Disclaimer: I’m not taking about walking blind and not having somewhat of a road map.

When does seeking clarity become an idol? When does your need to have a detailed plan replace your trust and faith in God to guide you through the bumps along the way.


This is a dangerous path to tread. I should know. From Jan 2016 all the way to Nov 2016, when it came to obedience regarding In The Dark and my new ventures.  I kept looking for “clarity”.  Every day I knelt down and asked for clarity. I was clear but I didn’t trust God to work out the kinks along the way. My need for”clarity” interfered with my obedience. It was really fear and my insecurities under disguise.

We’ve been given a blank. You’ve written out your goals.In this new season, the next 364 days, place your trust in Him. Have the #confidentexpectations in His word that He that began a good work in you will perfect it until the end.

Has your quest for clarity hindered you from action?





Olympic Inspiration

Hey there! It’s officially back to school season for us here in Atlanta. I wonder where the time went. It has been a fulfilling summer for me as I completed most of the goals I set out for myself.

Were you able to hit those targets in spite of the obstacles you faced? Or did you make yourself keep moving forward in perseverance and with the hope of what lies ahead.

That brings me to this picture that circulated over the weekend. This Nigerian athlete Morolake Akinosun wrote this tweet in 2011 speaking into existence what she wanted and worked hard to achieve it. Now here we are in 2016 it is coming to pass. She is headed to the Olympics in Rio.


I’m sure that between the years she had many, many obstacles. Things that would have made her quit. Yet here she is on her way to the Olympics to represent her country.

We are only confined by the walls we build around ourselves. Keep doing your part and watch God do his. I hope this blesses you. It blessed me tremendously.

Be Blessed


#MondayMotivation : Look Within

New Monday. New Week. New Goals.


I love the quote ‘be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.’ The first time I read it, it hit that spot. You know that place deep within your soul that is restless when you aren’t doing what you should be doing. Fulfilling your highest potential.

You’ve heard me say many times that we are all created for something. Given a gift/talent that we should be using to the glorification of God. The recognition of our purpose initially has us all fired up, ready to take on the world. You know, kinda like that feeling that comes after listening to a motivational speaker…Problem is motivation only lasts for a while and will never turn into transformation until you conquer your fear.

The fulfillment of purpose is a journey we are on until we leave this earth. Along the way fear creeps in. Fear is that comfortable friend. It likes to keep us safe. Hinder us from achieving our greatest potential. Our ability to conquer that fear comes from our hope and faith in God. He that put the dream in you will give you all you need to carry it out until the end.

So for this week I leave you with this “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns”.~ Philippians 1:6



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