Writer Wednesday: 3 Persons in One

Character development is critical for an easy to read book. I absolutely love building my characters. I always think of which celebrity I think most looks like my character... And I use Pinterest a lot to just pin what I see in my minds eye based on the characters essence. I'm so finicky about my … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: 3 Persons in One

Writer Wednesday: Understanding Your Antagonist

It's simple. For your reader to care about anything you write, you gotta make them. And yes, that goes for the antagonist too. Take me as your reader for example, the protagonist, I got it..you will make them so likable and have this deep emotional story that I will feel bad for them and root … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Understanding Your Antagonist

3 Ways I Take Readers From Here to There

As you know by now, my books are mainly set in Nigeria or most recently Kenya and some US cities. When a reader tells me that when they read my book they felt like they were there..in Nigeria or Kenya I smile. Apart from the obvious compliment, it means I have done my job. You see … Continue reading 3 Ways I Take Readers From Here to There