4th Blogoversary…Coming Full Circle

Yesterday, I was doing a lot of updates on the blog, by the way have you looked around recently? Pretty cool huh? But anyway, during my work, I checked out my comments and realized that my 4th year blogoversary passed a couple of days ago. Can you believe it? I had to think about that … Continue reading 4th Blogoversary…Coming Full Circle

Light Out of Darkness

Hey there! Just a quick note of encouragement for you... There's a Nigerian proverb that says "No matter how long the night, day will still break" You get that? No matter what the process looks like Trust it. Have the courage to keep moving forward. It's only through the darkness you can see the stars … Continue reading Light Out of Darkness

Everyday is Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for life and the chance to do what I love everyday. Sharing the message of the kingdom through written word. I also want to thank and welcome the new subscribers to my blog and those that have been here a while for your support.. What are you thankful for? Drop in the comments.