Happy New Year!! I pray nothing but the fabulousness the Almighty has in store for you and your loved ones. A few days ago, I released a short. New Year's Kiss is a prequel to my upcoming Away to Africa series. It features Arinze & Jasmine. Today I'm sharing a sample. “Yea, I know. Love … Continue reading SAMPLE SUNDAY: YOU’VE BEEN AVOIDING ME

Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

All Back To School preparations done. Now that the kids are now in their second week of in person learning.(I'm feverently praying things keep sailing smoothly), I can pick my manuscript back up. I'm still looking for the perfect stock for a cover but I can share with you an unedited sample from #DestinyFulfilled. I'm … Continue reading Sample Sunday: Because It’s Mine

Sample Sunday : You Can Preach To Me Next Time.

Happy Mother's Day. Mothers, grandmothers and mother figures play a huge world in the U. N World. They are jewels which is also the same for mothers all over the world. For today's sample, I'm featuring a unique duo, Tekena & his childhood nanny, Nana Rubi from To Breathe Again. Tekena still has a living … Continue reading Sample Sunday : You Can Preach To Me Next Time.