Anchor Talk: Week 1 in Review

It's Monday! Don't forget to be awesome. Last week, I launched my much talked about Anchor Talk Podcast. I have been wanting to do this for a while and finally. So yay! Me and yay! you for being there to support the show. Just for you, I have put together week one for you to … Continue reading Anchor Talk: Week 1 in Review

Anchor Talk is Here! Episode 1

It's hers finally and I am so excited!! Anchor Talk launches today!! I have been talking about starting a Podcast since the idea to write my first non fiction book took root. My book In the Dark: Confident Expectations for Today and Tommorrow is the bedrock for this podcast and my ministry. The purpose journey … Continue reading Anchor Talk is Here! Episode 1

Olympic Inspiration

Hey there! It's officially back to school season for us here in Atlanta. I wonder where the time went. It has been a fulfilling summer for me as I completed most of the goals I set out for myself. Were you able to hit those targets in spite of the obstacles you faced? Or did … Continue reading Olympic Inspiration