The Intentionality of Journaling

The dictionary defines intentionality as "the fact of being deliberate or purposive." When we want to buy a house we are intentional about making our credit look good. When we want a job we are intentional about how our resume looks and how we prepare for the subsequent interview. Almost everything we want in life … Continue reading The Intentionality of Journaling

#WriterWednesday: 5 Tips for When You Don’t Feel Like It

I want to get the book done but just don't feel like it. Sound familiar? Or are you at the point where you can't stand the characters and wish magically the book would write itself already. Here are 5 tips for when you don't feel like it 🖊 Show up! Until you do nothing happens. … Continue reading #WriterWednesday: 5 Tips for When You Don’t Feel Like It

WriterWednesday: Personality on the Page

So I saw this quote by Tim Gordon a film critic and it resonated with me down to my marrow. My tag line is #fusingfaithromanceandAfricanspice for a reason. It encompasses all that is in me... My personality. I love talking about my faith, I'm a sucker for a happily ever after and no matter where … Continue reading WriterWednesday: Personality on the Page