Stepping Stone

steppingedit“Excuse me, excuse me  coming through” I raced through the airport, the announcer had called the final boarding call for my flight. I was about to miss my flight due to all the prayers my family insisted on having which if you ask me where excessive. Missing this flight was not an option I was willing to entertain; I had to get out of this country and fast.

Oh no.I thought as I approached the escalator ; there was an out-of-order sign positioned right in front of it. Only in Murtala Mohammed airport would there be such a shiny  escalator that almost never worked. Only in ‘Naija’ and the funny thing was that no one seemed to complain, or raise an eyebrow but as usual we all adjusted to not having a working escalator at the airport. I am still proudly Nigerian but the reality is that we still got work to do!

Speaking of reality, it was my reality that the man I gave my everything to was really moving on. My mind flashed back to the day I walked into the Domino’s Pizza  in Ikoyi to pick up my mouth-watering pizza, I just happened to buy the latest  gossip magazine from the vendor standing by the door. My eyes widened when  there, plastered on the front page was Nedu; he was getting married.  My mind went back to that day a year ago  that my  world came crashing down.

I wanted to keep it a secret and sometimes wish I did, but I loved him too much not to tell him. My bible also said that whatever was done in the secret will surely come out to the light. On that fateful, beautiful evening he whipped out the ring I had been waiting on  for a while. I remember  he went on bended knees about to give what I thought would have been the most unforgettable proposal there was.  Right before he spoke, I had to open my big mouth. I told him the truth I had known all along; one of my tubes was blocked making the possibility of me having a child slim to none.

Just like that a relationship that spanned six years was gone down the drain. He suddenly was very busy at the office, then he gradually stopped picking my calls or replying my text or bbms. All the signs where there,  he had changed somehow, he was no longer my Nedu. I wasn’t going to go down like that.  Gathering up the nerve I decided to go visit him. I was confident we could talk this out, after all there were other options available.  I called and he said he wasn’t back from Abuja.  Since I had a key, I quickly packed an overnight bag and headed to his house. I was going to surprise him.  I intended to spoil him; cook clean and tidy up for him. He would get a feel of what he was missing when he arrived tomorrow afternoon.

The air was sucked out of my lungs when I arrived and his car was parked in the covered parking space. Wishing for the best while making a thousand excuses for him in just a matter of seconds, I approached the house and could hear laughter. Ringing the bell, I waited and then the door opened. The opened door brought me face to face with Toyin. “Honey who is it” questioned the voice I had become so used to hearing; Nedu.

Our eyes were glued to one another. Both expressions clearly different, hers had a hint of guilt but somewhere in there was a smirk; mine was filled with despair and shock. My worst fears were confirmed when he appeared, wearing a white T-shirt and his lounging pants. He was no longer mine. He was oozing of nervous  energy, he couldn’t be that nervous as he didn’t waste time locating Toyin’s waist. When he wrapped his arms around her waist, I felt like I was punched in the gut. My best friend and my man. How wicked could the world be? She was the one I cried to, laid out all my problems to. Too much the bear, the last thing I heard was” Amaka, wait I can explain”

That was a year ago; it was time to turn over a new leaf. I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and get busy. I had goals, dreams, and visions for my life. I was not going to pine away anymore, if God gave me a husband in the process, glory be to His name. Now on my way to the USA , I  could see new possibilities and was grateful. My godparents were gracious enough to send for me when my parents had complained about my inability to get over my heartbreak.

My dad had been a faithful driver to the Omojola’s. During those years an unlikely friendship had blossomed.  They were bonded together by the fact that both men married the love of their lives. These women were their  soul mates  and they loved them  but the unions were still  childless even after five years of marriage. After ten solid years, God blessed my parents with a child; me. Since his employers still didn’t have one of their own my parents decided to share and that how they became my godparents. They had been blessed with riches but didn’t have the one thing they wanted; children.  The Irony of life.

I got to  the gate just in time, I scurried to my seat in the plane, securing my hand luggage in the overhead compartment, I breathed a sigh of relief. I was determined not to blow it, my life may not be where I thought it should be but it is not over. U S of A, here I come.

Six Years Later……….

“Sir are you still here? I asked you to let me reschedule for you for another time” the secretary said as she came out of the office belonging to her boss.

“What kind of question is that? Of course I’m still here.  I had a 2pm appointment and I have to see  him today” Looking at his watch and taking note of the time; 430pm. He was  frustrated.  If only he could finally get to see him, it would be his big break. He has been trying for what seemed like ages to get an appointment. He finally did and now this.

A friend had referred him here; the man had relocated from America a year ago and was fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the literary arena. If anyone could get a book sold; Dr. Igwebuike could. His wife was quickly losing patience in his inability to breakthrough as a writer; something he promised her he would do when he stopped working two years ago. They had run out of their savings and he needed a miracle.

The secretary was about to respond when her attention shifted to the door, following her direction, he saw a women trying to break up a squabble between two kids, it didn’t take him long to see they were twins.

“Welcome madam” the secretary said genuflecting even when the woman had yet to lift her head to acknowledge her.

“Thank you dear” the woman said lifting her head as she had managed to get the kids to quiet down.  With each kid on her side she approached.

They made eye contact; he stood up and walked towards her

“Amaka?” he said in shock

“Nedu?” She said equally shocked.

“What are you doing here?” He asked

“This is my husband’s office” she answered, just then the door behind them opened and   a man who had a close resemblance to the American actor Boris Kodjoe , standing  at about six-foot four walked through. He was dressed in a well starched native attire and before Nedu knew it, the kids flew out of Amaka’s hands and ran to him shouting “Daaaaaaaddy”. He picked them up and twirled them around. As he approached, Nedu was blinded by the glow of love between both of them. He planted a wet kiss on her lips as if no one else was in the room. Releasing her he said  “Hey honey ready to go?”

“Oh I’m sorry Mr. Okam” the man said turning to him. “I was tied up that’s why I told my secretary to give you another appointment.” he explained

“Please make another appointment and we will see what we can do” the man said. With one child one each arm, and his wife’s arm around his waist, Dr. Igwbuike turned around and left. When they got to the elevator Nnamdi looked down at his wife with all the love in his heart, she was his heartbeat and he knew without a doubt he was hers. Then he asked “Honey, you two know each other?”

“Yeah babes, he was one of stepping-stones that brought me  closer to you” she smiled as the elevator opened

“Failure/disappointment is another stepping stone to greatness”

photo credit:

(c) 2013 Unoma Nwankwor

This is a work of fiction. No part of this story should be reproduced without prior permission and referencing me as the author.


Cast your NETS..

castHi y’all it’s been a while since I have been over here. I missed blogging but God called me to put a story together so I have been writing my debut novel. I’m glad to announce the first draft is done and it’s off to the editors. It has been a drawn out, complicated but fulfilling experience. I have loved reading every since I remember and I love writing short stories, but I have so afraid to commit to a full length novel.  I finally did it and with his grace you all will see it in the Spring, 2013. I’m so excited, more details to come.

Well this experience has taught me a lot, when I first started doing research and found out how many words made a full length novel I was literally shaking. I told my husband “Babe I got a story but I don’t think it will be that long”. So each day I sat down to write, I will be clue less on where to start. Then I will get up and start again. This continued for a month. I wrote my outline but still didn’t have clear direction or maybe that was just an excuse.

Then I prayed, I asked God to give me a story that will affect people, I asked “What do you want me to write Lord? I know what I want to write but is that your message?” Then I just let it be, one day and I kid you not one random day I stood up and started. I attacked my keyboard like never before and didn’t stop till 85k plus words later. Looking at my manuscript I was in awe…..I did that? Are you kidding me? Funny things is I started out not having a clear direction on one story, now I have five lined up..God is soo good.

I share this story to say, anything you commit to the Lord or ask Him for DO NOT under any circumstances limit HIM!! What we think is impossible for us is a breeze for HIM. Do you remember the story of Jesus telling Peter to cast his nets? Luke 5: 4-5  Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. KJV

 Peter obeyed but not totally. Jesus told him cast your NETS, Peter casted only one NET. Since he casted only one NET he was able to harvest only one net worth of fish, although his harvest was a lot, it wasn’t all it could have been.  Was he afraid? Did he think, like most of us do…let me just do this it might work it might not if not no harm. Are we limiting God’s abilities because in our human eyes it’s not possible?

What are you hoping for today? Are you aiming too small? Our God is able to do exceedingly above all…..

Have a blessed day!!


The Almost Last Supper…

Ult_TurkeyFeast-570Before the end of last year, Pastor has been preparing us for this 52 day Nehemiah fast. The church as a whole is going to embark on come the New Year. Well the day is finally here, tomorrow we embark on a 52 day fast, the goal as with all fasts is to get to know God on a deeper level, building walls around us that will keep us from withering when we meet physical opposition. You see 2013 has been dubbed the  Year of Discovery. Discovering our God, our vacation/calling, our helpers in our purpose and our obstacles so we can become overcomes.

I am ready!!  Hope not to hear that little deceptive voice tomorrow. In fact I guarantee you  that it will show up bright and early to announce that the coffee brewing in the break room is the best coffee I will ever taste in my life. It will be there to announce that the little piece of chocolate will not matter. It will be there to deceive me that God understands. You know the voice I’m talking about, please tell me I’m not the only one that hears this voice.  You see when I fast I normally do a partial fast but since old things have passed aways and all things are news I am determined not to let this just be any other fast. You see if you want something different you should be willing to do something  you have never done. The magic does indeed happen outside of your comfort zone.

So during these days, I will be posting here periodically to tell you of my progress and the obstacles that my come, cos believe me they will come. It is a given that anytime you are about to embark on a life changing experience the devil is not happy. Our greatest mistake though is that we see the enemy as some kind of external force.   Big mistake in the word of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman “huge!” 

You see they can be in the inform of workers, relatives, best friends anyone can be used. Intentionally or not they will cause  a distraction. We were duly warned in service today. But with prayer, clarity of mind and clinging to God by his Grace and only His grace will I be able to overcome.

Here is some background: Nehemiah had to build a wall and it was done in 52 days despite all the obstacles that came his way.

Pray for me ya’ll



Sometimes It Happens..

download (1)So today, I’m going back to my 9-5. I was on vacation since the 14th of Dec. Well I won’t really call it a vacation, the only thing that changed is I didn’t have to be in traffic for an hour to get to the office. Things continued as usual, the kids still woke up at an obscene hour just as if they were still going to school. I did the mommy thing, the wife thing than had to work on my own gig.

Well my extended stay at home and me somehow thinking the vacation will go on forever got me to thinking when I was listening to a teaching about the Holy Spirit. Often when we have been  born again for a long period of time, we become so comfortable that we often forget that accepting Christ as our Savior automatically the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us. The Spirit is there is guide us, keep us on track but when we fail to tap into Him, we are often left struggling in the physical realm. I knew that sometime I would have to go back to work but I got so comfortable not driving that in my subconscious I ‘forgot’ work existed. Just like we forget the Spirit is right there.

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.~ Ephesians 1:17 was Paul’s prayer, and that is the prayer I have for this year.

Its a new day and a new time. I don’t want to keep moving aimlessly without first hearing God, I want wisdom and I will get it by understanding and that comes from the word of God. May prayer is may we work smart and not hard this year. Before we do anything lets call upon the Holy Spirit to be upon us.



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